Changing TIDAL account; any tips?

I came to Roon through TIDAL having signed up before Jay-Z bought it. I think I must have done that using a VPN before it became available in Australia so I am paying $19.99 USD every month. TIDAL has subsequently become available in Australia for $23.00 AUD per month. My bank is charging me $25.00 AUD per month to make the $USD payment.

So I have cancelled my current TIDAL subscription and will be starting a new Australian one. I expect to lose the information I have from my TIDAL account, including favourites, but hope that my Roon database will retain my TIDAL library into a new account and repopulate it.

Has anyone changed TIDAL accounts ? What was your experience with the Roon TIDAL library when you did so ?

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I used my temporary email account to sign up for a trial period. After the trial period ended, I open a new permanent email account and wrote to Tidal, ask them to migrate all my favourites from old to new. Then they close my old account. Both accounts have the same credit card details.

If you stop the subscription, it should be passive up to 1 year though it is better to write to them. They are happy to help you.

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  1. Export an XLS of your Roon library.
  2. Ask TIDAL to transfer your favourites to your new account.
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As per Joel’s second point, Tidal moved my favourites over from the old account (which I foolishly took out on a work email address and then moved jobs!) to my new one. Worked well

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I was going to create a new thread but am glad I found this one. This is my issue exactly and I learned the outcome the hard way - I changed the TIDAL account in Roon and lost my library. It’s not a big deal because I am trialing Roon with TIDAL for now. But it’s not what I intuitively expected.

What is the point of Roon database then? In my view the Roon database was a collection of pointers to tracks on local storage or a remote server. In my view there is not much difference between the in-house NAS and TIDAL as a remote server. The former doesn’t require a subscription, the latter does. Why did changing TIDAL login kill my database? It’s the same as changing my NAS password would kill my database. The tracks would still be there, only the password changed. Why kill the database?

Can the developers please look into the logic of this? An option to kill or keep the library upon TIDAL logout would be nice.

Hi @joel, and @support,

I didn’t seem like this thread was monitored by someone from Roon and I didn’t make any references to support and developers in my above post. Please see this thread and the above post.

Hi @G_P. Changing TIDAL login removed your TIDALs albums from your library, because we sync to your TIDAL account. Favourites which are added in the TIDAL app are reflected in your Roon library and vice versa. Same for removing favourites. Changing your TIDAL login changed to your new account with no favourites.

With respect, it’s not. You’ve not changed your TIDAL account password; you’ve changed the entire account. To use another analogy: if you changed your email address, would you expect all the emails from your previous account to be there auto-magically?

In fairness, email providers have tools to help you migrate; this is why I suggest that, if anyone want to or needs to change account, they get in touch with TIDAL and ask them to copy over favourites from the old account to the new one.

Tidal should be able to fix you up. I recently changed accounts and they transferred over all my favourites and playlists. The only implication for Roon was that all my Tidal albums now have the same date added, but that’s not a big deal for me.

Resurrecting this ancient thread as it is now pertinent to me :slight_smile:

A ‘favourite’ is different depending on whether you look at it from a Roon or Tidal perspective.

If you ‘favourite’ an album in Tidal, it will appear in Roon. Essentially adding an album to both libraries.

However if you ‘favourite’ an album in Roon, it will add a tag that will enable you enable you to hunt down your favourite albums etc within your tidal/local collection.

I have just switched Tidal accounts (ported via Soundiiz) - I have all my albums etc in my new Tidal/Roon configuration…but what I don’t have is what I had previously flagged as ‘favourite’ in Roon (i.e the only favourites in my Roon collection are those that are local)

Any way I can get this back before deleting my old Tidal account? I have Roon backups and access to my old tidal account.



could you please explain why we cannot use roon data base to move all our library to a new Tidal account?


I’ve recently done this and I used tunemymusic. Login with your old Tidal account and export your library to a csv file. Login to your new account and import that same file.

It worked very well. There were a few discrepancies and with the free version you are limited to 1000 songs but you can run it multiple times to get round that, or pay the subscription.

You do lose any additions to the favourite you’ve made in Roon though, like if you’re favourited a particular track on an album: that info has gone. The imported albums are treated as “new” favourites.

Soundiiz can do this as well I think, but not in the free tier.