Changing Tidal account, keep albums

I’m killing off an old email address. As part of that, I’ve created a new Tidal account. The folks at Tidal have transferred over my favorites/selected albums, a bit over 500 of them. When I directly log into Tidal, I do see them all there. When I log into Tidal through Roon (I have a Nucleus+ running the core) those albums do not show up when I link to the new Tidal account. If I go back and link to the old Tidal account, they do show up. I have fully logged out of everything and cleared my browser cache between the swaps without success. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need the folks at Tidal to flag these albums differently?

I have seen some older posts related to this problem, but they don’t exactly hit the point.

Did you try going into Roon - Settings - Services and sync now your new Tidal account?

I’ve done tidal switch over like that in the past and it worked fine. I’d delete the tidal account in roon. Reboot everything then reestablish the new account.

Yup. Hit the Sync button without effect.

Problem fixed but very weirdly. I just added one new album from Tidal to my collection. And right after that posted, Roon found all of my other Tidal albums. (We seem to have lost the original “date added”, but I can live with that.)

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