Channel balance issue (build 300)

I have a channel balance issue. The sound is coming mainly from the left speaker and the stereo image is clearly leaning to the left hand side. The channel balance just isn’t correct. I’m running PS Audio Bridge II as my end point @support


Hi Brent,

I don’t think it’s very likely that this has anything to do with Roon. Have you checked all the settings (e.g. the channel balance) for all of your audio compoments (DAC, amp[s], speakers etc.) yet? Have you tried swapping your components to find out if the problem is still there? Have you perhaps moved your speakers recently (=room acoustics related issue)? There are so many potential causes of this kind of problem…

Best regards,

i have ran Room perfect on my Mcintosh MX160 to fix the room problems, i testing running roon on an Oppo to by past my PS Audio DS to see if its still there, doing all of this evening troubleshooting

My amp was bad and is still in repair shaped it our for a back up old sunfire and now zero problems :slight_smile:

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