Charter Spectrum Internet

Who here is using Charter Spectrum internet and how well does it work with Roon, specifically streaming from Tidal and Qobuz?

Every December, I have to argue with AT&T to get them to continue to provide me with AT&T U-Verse at an affordable price. So far, I have been successful in getting the new customer pricing because I have been with them for a long, long time. I also have their almost “top-of-the line” package with most of the movie channels, etc. I am a very loyal customer when I have a product that I like and it works well for me.

Anyway, if I am unsuccessful with my negotiations next month, my only options are Direct TV and Charter Spectrum. I don’t even know what internet package comes with Direct TV, but I don’t want satellite TV.

So, if you have Charter Spectrum, how well does their internet service work with your Roon system and do you have any significant problems? My U-Verse is beyond flawless and I would really dread changing. Thanks.

I use Charter Spectrum at my weekend place and I have no problems with Roon or Qobuz ( or with Roon and Qobuz). I have other complaints about Spectrum but Internet service is OK.

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Thanks. I really hope I can hang on to AT&T U-Verse. I like everything about it even though the internet is only 50/12. It is rock solid. I can stream Tidal MQA or Qobuz 192/24 while wife and I are watching two 4K TV’s. U-Verse TV is TV over internet (IPTV). I can even do this while recording another HD channel and never have any Roon dropouts.

I’m getting 130/12 here with Spectrum.

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Yes, they have much higher speeds, but evidently, I don’t need higher speed. But, I do need something that works well with Roon and is not going to need a lot of tweeking that I am not equipped to do. I would want to log into Roon and go. Thanks.

Well, I never had any trouble here with Spectrum nor in NYC with Verizon. Just not an issue.

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Thanks. That’s good to know.

We’ve had charter/spectrum internet for over a decade. Overall they’re been very reliable. No internet problems with roon. Changed to google dns early on, though, way before roon. Charter dns is flaky and injects ads for 404npages.

OK, that’s an issue. I’ve never had to fool with DNS settings with U-Verse.

Well clearly Charter is not for you.

That is not correct and there is no need for that response. I have never had to fool with DNS or anything else using U-Verse and prefer not to. That doesn’t mean Charter is not for me if U-Verse decides not to give me a reasonable price.

Charter internet worked great for me. No problems. Didn’t have to mess with anything. Had internal firewall issues (eero/Mcafee) I had to work thru, but that wasn’t Charter’s fault.

After 30 years, I’ve dropped Charter. Went with ATT because they put fiber in my back yard. Gigabit upload and download speeds. With Charter I was getting 450+ Mbs but only 20 Mbs upload. Trying to do idrive full backups tO their cloud took almost 2 days. ATT upload and download speeds are the same.

I wanted to use ATT for internet and keep Charter cable. Was using the Spectrum app on Roku sticks. But the app quit showing me all the channels I paid for because I wasn’t on their internet anymore. A terrible customer service experience around this sent me to ATT. VerY happy now…

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Inspired by your post, I just tried that and, yes, I can get all the “live” channels from my Charter account in CT on my FIOS account in NY! Pretty cool.