'Chat GPT' style playlist creation

Given the current popularity of Open AI’s chat GPT, I wondering if it would be possible to create an AI powered playlist creator for Roon with a ‘chat’ interface, this would allow you to create and refine a playlist based on written prompts.

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Perhaps you could provide examples? Arguably, Roon already does most of this using Valence. Seed an artist, album, or genre etc. to start Roon Radio–a playlist created using machine learning–and visit History to save this later.


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I’m thinking of something much more specific i.e.
“create a 4 hours playlist from Italian soundtracks from the 60s and 70s, make it funky, down tempo, mostly instrumental, focus on tracks that are either not in my library or that I have not listened to a great deal before”


I like that idea.
If you think what these picture drawing AI’s can do, I think this could be fun playing around with.

Arguable something like Chat GPT goes far beyond recommending me a playlist of tracks similar to the last record played ala Valance.

For example here are some prompts asking for playlists similar to what a deceased DJ might play today if he was still alive. I’ve also added below the Chat GTP response to Johnie Clayton example above.

These are brilliant Jamie…!
This is exactly how I imagine people would use it, if only Roon could find a way to automatically create the playlist from this output…

Well Roon could just plug straight into the OpenAI API the problem would be pricing as there would need to pass some of those cost onto customers — at least if they were offing it as an unlimited service.

I guess Roon could include say 25 requests per month / per user (included for free) and then charge for additional queries ie. 500 requests for an extra $1/month. Although that feels a bit like a creeping slide towards monthly Roon add-ons which, personally, I’m not a great fan of.

Long term I expect we’ll see similar, more open, models appearing in the wild that could be used without the additional OpenAI API costs.

Yes I take your point about the costs, what they could do is provide a text box where you could simply paste in a playlist that had been created by ChatGPT or anyone else. They could make a stipulation at all pasted playlists follow a strict format such as artist followed by hyphen followed by track title so they are easier to process. This I imagine would be relatively straightforward to create.

Valance cannot take a playlist as input. With this you could give it a playlist and ask what songs go with it.

The current drawback is ChatGPT or the others don’t see what is in Tidal or Qobuz catalogs.

It is only a matter of time that one of the streaming services does this, it will be Spotify or Apple Music likely. Of course all services use some form of AI to do recommendations, this is just stepwise better in capability and nuance.

I would change the focus away from Playlists and to Music Discovery. @jonathan_Clayton maybe you can edit the OP and title.

I think a new window in Roon with a prompt screen that is aware of your library, all Roon users statistical data, and what service you are on.

Here are sample prompts that could return Albums, Tracks, Playlists etc:

  • Find tracks similar to Apashe’s RIP track with orchestration, trap, heavy drops and majestic feel
  • What are some albums from the late 80’s in the alt college scene but are not as well known. Favor bands like New Order and not Fine Young Cannibals
  • What are some lesser known jazz albums that Roon forum users mention a lot?
  • what musicians did Jerry Garcia play with early in his career?
  • I need some light upbeat jazz to pick me up but not “smooth jazz”
  • give me work music based on my listening history
  • give me a 10 song playlist representative of @Danny (assuming he allows this in his preferences)

I’m sure people can come up with crazy ideas!

This might need to be a paid add on to cover the cost of the AI processing.

With enough compute power, can Roon’s Valence now run through every track in Spotify and its ‘create track radio playlist’ and copy the 50 tracks that Spotify creates.

As a way to fast track Valence’s learning and recommendation abilities @danny?

Especially for those of us listening to popular music that may not be popular in the Roon world.

Unlocking the power of AI to learn from the best (outside the Roon listening world)


I saw latest John Darko video from Munich show and he mentioned roo AI DJ.

What AI is it using? GPT-4?

Sounds really cool.

I find Roon’s Valence to be lacking for more popular music that might be outside the Roon world listening.

If it can go to the wider web, it might be much more promising than Valence.

GPT - now has a Spotify plugin that allows you to create playlists from inside GPT, this should be straightforward for Roon to implement something similar. Valance has nothing on this. ChatGPT plugin that creates unique SPOTIFY playlists with AI - PlaylistAI - YouTube

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It uses GPT-3.5 as GPT 4 costs ten time as much. I will see how much they ask for after the first few months from me and @Klaus_Engel and hope we don’t have to increase the monthly fee.


Please look at the Video from Darko here:

At 33:15 he start speaking about rooAIDJ.

Best DrCWO

It only works with voice input or also typing?

For example, if late at night with people sleeping and not wanting to annoy people by talking aloud

For sure also typing :+1:

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It’s great but there should be no need for additional hardware. The spotify plugin on GPT is free, right now the simplest option is to create the playlist with this an port it from spotify to roon with soundiz but this is hardly ideal. Would rather it worked straight to Roon.

What I offer can’t be for free as I use a commercial license from OpenAi that is faster but I will be charged for it.

Also I have to use the rooAPI and my platform is rooExtend that offers a lot more benefits than rooAIDJ

Sorry, but I can’t help here…

Best DrCWO

Tidal has now added this on iOS for their early release program. I have only just tried it. Seems to be limited to 10 songs, which is probably a good thing as when I try ChatGPT for 100 songs it starts massively making things up or getting stuck in weird patterns. It is still very early days.