Cheap way to improve sound quality.... take a break

Howdy. I spent the last week doing some house chores and had the system off not listening. Coming back to just sit and relax this morning I’m blown away at how good this system is. I’ve done this a few times over the years and the system always sounds spectacular after taking a break. I’m a firm believer in very long, like 500+ hour, break-in but I think you’re breaking in your ears more than the electronics. Beyond that 500 hours I think the ears hit a point where they start to tune-down and mellow what they hear. Give them a break or go listen to a truly garbage system for a week. You’ll be amazed at just how good your system actually is.

Of course… I’m also researching new gear… subs specifically… The system is good but I’m not done feeding it :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Roon’ing!


I generally get that feeling every Friday night after a week on the road listening to Roon via a small travel Bluetooth speaker.

It always refreshes my ears when I finally sit down at home on a Friday night or Saturday morning and just let the music flow through the big rig.

Over the last few years it’s probably saved me a fortune on “upgraditis”.:wink:

Of course I still buy stuff I don’t actually need just because…well you know how that goes :sunglasses:


This summer I have disconnected completely from all my gear for a month. It surely gave a good rest to my ears and brain, may be a month is a bit too long, but it just happened that way.

On my return, however, I was not immediately excited with SQ of my system. Something felt missing, annoyingly. I kept it playing non stop for at least 2 days and nights (thanks to ROON radio) before my equilibrium settled-in :slight_smile: Yeah, exactly, coming back on Friday night and having my SQ back on Sunday afternoon…