Cheapest speakers with decent audio for non critical rooms?

Ok, amazing audio setups everywhere in this forum -Hey, I also have a quite nice audio setup where I mainly listen to music even while working, in my main room ;)- but what about best options for cheap speakers connected to Roon in non critical rooms (Kitchen, Bathroom…) ?

Money matters :wink:

In my case:

Kitchen: Aukey 20W. Best option I´d find in the 50€ range. Bluetooth and Jack 3.5 analog in. I use the analog in connected to a cheap HP Stream laptop (270€) running Roon bridge. Not bad in the low end and overall sound quite decent. Volume enough for a small place.

Bathroom: Mpow Armor. Best option I´d find in the 30€ range. Water resistant, Bluetooth and Jack 3.5 analog in. I Use it with my phone Samsung S7 with Roon remote&bridge and connected to the Mpow via bluetooth. Has some bass!!! (quite surprising for that size and price). Volume also enough for a small place.

Any great small and cheap speakers on your Roon homes?


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For a bit of DIY I’ve used the IQAudiO Pi-DigiAMP+ with a Monitor Audio CT165-T2 in-ceiling speaker. Sounds great and ideal for bathroom too. About £200 all-in per room. For portability (guest room, kitchen, garden etc.) I use a Bluesound Pulse Flex which cost around the same as your kitchen set up.

Maybe the JBL Flip 4 is a reasonable compromise? Personally, I’d build up my multi-room setup slowly, spend a little more, and get something that sounds great and is a Roon-ready endpoint, e.g. Bluesound, Sonos.

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I have various Yamaha ceiling speakers in several rooms. Generally lacking on the bottom end, but at background volume, they are very decent. Even provoked a few unsolicited compliments from guests. (“Why yes, they all had hearing aids. Why do you ask?”)

Hey, you can’t afford the good stuff anyway, so stop torturing yourself! :smile: Soon, you’ll hit the lottery, or marry well, or the like, then you can throw those speakers away, referring to them as “low-end crap” and “the worst decision I’ve ever made” to anyone who’ll listen, then go whole hog.

Seriously, if you aren’t aren’t already spoiled by and lusting for high-end quality audio, you won’t miss it. We grow accustomed to what we have. Just don’t go shopping for the dream gear before you’re ready to buy, and you’ll be good. The worst mistake, IMHO, is to wait until you can buy your version of “the best”. Best wishes to you, John


Repurposing old android phones as an endpoint can keep costs down - I use one with a UE Roll 2 which makes for quite a neat portable setup. Didn’t work very reliably via Bluetooth though so used the Aux In - don’t know if others have had this sort of issue with Bluetooth streaming off endpoints?

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I have a couple Oppo Sonica speakers around the house… not sure if they are still available in all markets tho…used with airplay primarily but the app works with Spotify/Tidal too plus USB sources and I think they have 3.5mm Aux in too.

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In my case, due to distance, the bluetooh connections between Roon core and the Bathroom speakers is not reliable. So I use the Android phone as a bridge. Roon in main roon > via wifi to an android phone (in Bathroom) > phone Bluetooth to the bathroom speakers. Works reliable.

Yeah, that’s what I was trying but never got it to be reliable - odd. Maybe I’ll investigate further sometime.

@Martin_Webster are the monitor audios still going? I’m very tempted with doing the same setup for my bathroom, where have you placed the ceiling mount in relation to the shape of the room for the best stereo effect from the single speaker configuration?

The Monitor Audio CT165-T2 is discontinued but you can still buy them from a few suppliers. I placed the speak roughly centre to room width but opposite shower area. Note the tweeter placement when installing. I also back filled ceiling void with glass fibre insulation.

I have a couple of Pure Jongo S3’s they are pretty good speaker got them refurb of Amazon a few years ago. Can use them as BT, UPnP or I tend to plug in a Chromecast Audio that powers off the speakers usb port and then connect the CA lineout to the speaker. Using very short cables for both and it works well. Reminds me I need to buy another CA to go with the other one

Ikea Symfonisk would be a good choice in my opinion. Cheap with Airplay and decent sound.