Choosing local library version over streaming

When Roon Radio decides to choose a track, is there a way to tell it to always choose the local library version over streaming (Qobuz for example)? Or for example, only choose tracks from my local library for the next track to play?

It seems that’s been moved since the post you referenced.

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Thanks, I forgot we are in 2.0.

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OK, I have found the answer to how to limit the Roon Radio queue to only the local library.

However, I still don’t know how to ask Roon Radio to prioritize the local library version over any other version in Qobuz.

In a nutshell, no. Though there is a topic in #feedback:feature-suggestions for this…

Thank you. What a pain in the ass. Seems obvious that this would be a functionality someone would’ve thought of the minute they implemented Roon Radio.

At least this way the artists get a few cents :slight_smile: What is so bad about playing the streaming version when it exists?


Radio Iwill play a local version only if it matches exactly to the version Radio has picked from is algorithm which will be from either Qobuz or Tidal as that’s how radio has been coded. If the local version isn’t an equivalence match to that exact version it won’t use it. Radio has been playing a lot more of my local versions for some time and this because it’s an exact match. A lot of albums just are not though.

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Because often they are not the version your used to. Oasis Definitey Maybe version on streaming is horrendous compared to the original cd I have. Its not a great recording to start with but they seem to have a remaster that’s significantly worse.

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Right, I forgot about that. I guess I see it as Radio, and I very rarely encounter different masterings that are so much worse (though they exist for sure). Not sure if that counts as so bad that it’s the first thing they should have thought of :wink:

Oh I no but it’s a reason to want to play your own version of it. But as I mentioned further up it won’t unless it’s an equivalence match.

:+1: It’s probably more difficult than it looks

Because most often the version I have is better quality.

I couldn’t say that that about the 1000 ripped CDs that I have. Some are, some aren’t, most of the time there isn’t so much difference if at all. YMMV and maybe it depends on what you listen to, most of my music never was so much of a commercial success that it was ever reissued or remastered. I’m still not sure it’s the most important thing about Radio, and may well be not so easy.

You see, I have DSD128 or DSD256 versions (mastered in DSD, not upsampled from lower rate PCM or DSD) of a large portion of music in my library. I prefer to listen to the DSD because I find it much more revealing that PCM 24/192 and that’s the max for Qobuz. You may be happy with the streaming version; that’s fine. It doesn’t work for me.

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For me, if I’m listening to “roon radio,” the absolute ultimate highest sound quality isn’t the most important thing. It’s just to enjoy the music, find new stuff, have a variety playing while I hang out.

If I want the pinnacle of resolution, or insist on a specific mastering or mix or whatever, I’ll select it on purpose.

I know you were waiting for me to share how I felt about it


Yeah, like I said, YMMV, DSD does not even exist for the music I listen to. I understand that you would prefer your local files to be played, I just think it may be more complicated than it looks

I thought so as well but there are some nice DSD masterings of rolling stones CDs for example:-)
Bob Dylan as well. Santana, Jimi Hendrix… plenty more .

I don’t think it sounds better because it’s DSD but because they put more effort in the mastering process in those days.

I would love for DSD to have a revival like vinyl has :slight_smile:

But I’m happy as a pig in ■■■■ with a good well mastered Redbook CD upsampled.

Sure, but there is more music out there than Rolling Stones, Santana, Dylan, or Hendrix :wink: