Chord 2go Max sample rate (PCM) 'only' Up to 384kHz?

Hi roon community,

I have just received my Chord 2go and Chord Hugo2 :heart_eyes:.

While playing around with the settings in roon, I noticed the following:

Device setup → show advanced → Max sample rate (PCM)

The Chord 2go is ‘only’ indicating a Max sample rate (PCM) Up to 384kHz but Chord Electronics has advertised 768kHz. However, the Chord Hugo 2, with the 2go detached, is indicating the full range Up to 768kHz as nominated by Chord Electronics.

Chord 2go - Max sample rate (PCM) of ‘only’ Up to 384kHz - please see below:

Chord Hugo2 - Max sample rate (PCM) of Up to 758kHz - please see below:

Would you have any idea why the Chord 2 go has a Max sample rate (PCM) of ‘only’ Up to 384kHz available?

Thank you in advance for your reply and help!!!



  • Chord 2go latest firmware version 1.0.3

  • Core - roon rock
    Roon version - 1.8 (build 790) stable
    RoonOS version - 1.0 (build 227) stable
    OS version - Firmware 1.0(build 227) stable

Because 2go is using 2ghz WiFi to stream to the DAC and likely struggles with higher rates over WiFi an likely Chord capped it. Its known to have less than stellar WiFi performance so makes sense. Roon will only use what it gets told the device supports.

768/24 will be around 36864 kbps which is pretty high for 2.4ghz to maintain reliably even with good WiFi let alone Chords less than good WiFi.

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My Hugo2 and 2go is wired not wireless and shows 384khz as the max.

Hello @Andreas_Hahn,

Your findings are correct, the Chord 2Go has a maximum sample rate of 384kHz.

It’s worth mentioning that Chord recommends against the use of external upsampling with Hugo2. As always with these sorts of things, your millage may vary.


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Thank you everyone for your reply and input; very much appreciated.

Could you please provide feedback to let me know whether my below Chord 2go and Chord Hugo2 (wired) setup is ‘correct’. If not, please provide suggestions for improvement:

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Take care!!!


Hello @Andreas_Hahn,

There shouldn’t be a difference in audio quality when selecting The Hugo2 under “Audio Device”. You can just choose based on what icon you want to see.


THX, and are the other setup selections fine?


Just received my 2Yu and discovered the 384kHz limitation which seems weird for me.
Because it can handle DSD 256.

Lucky you that you already got your Chord 2Yu delivered. I’ve ordered and paid my 2Yu last year in October and still got nothing delivered. Since then I’m sitting here with the 2Go without any use. Worst buy ever.

How do you setup your 2Go/2Yu? Ethernet into the 2Go and USB to your DAC?

Also, why do they advertise 768khz support? Is this a false advertising like their availability/delivering dates?

I think in a certain context it does support 768kHz but not with Roon.