Chord DAC... Qutest vs Mojo+Poly...!


I use Chord Mojo with Poly…Its sound is so wonderful on DLAN and ROON also rather than with Mojo only.
I have a plan to replace from my Mojo+Poly to the Qutest.
I would like to know about sound quality of the Qutest.
Anyone please let me know which is better sound quality? i.e. the Qutest vs Mojo +Poly??

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The Poly provides wireless streaming and playback from an SD card. Identical media files should sound the same whether or not you use the Poly.

That said, I have the Chord Mojo and 2Qute (Qutest predecessor) and the later is a clear improvement over the Mojo. I use my Mojo on the go with TIDAL Hi-FI.

How do you intent to use the Qutest? Direct USB port or a Roon bridge device? I paid my 2Qute with the Allo DigiOne.

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Regarding the Poly, I am very happy with wireless streaming by using DLNA and NAS which contains Minimserver. I am very satisfied with the Sound Quality from it. However its battery charging time is very long but it runs out soon. It is inconvenient for operation as a DAC for my HiFi system. So I have a plan purchasing the Qutest without charging battery.

I intend to use it with USB port via MAC Book Air/Pro.
I will choose either Roon or Audirvana Plus on MAC.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Music quality of the Qutest should be the same as the Hugo2. Same components, accept headphone-amplifier as I remember.

I have several Mojos, a Hugo2 and a Qutest. I love the Mojo and its performance is stunning and delightfully musical. I cannot tell the difference between the Qutest and the Hugo2 and I use them into a top level Stax system so certainly quite resolving. I am currently listening to the Qutest as I write and I marvel every day at the sense of musical coherence, believability and sheer listening pleasure. I do tend to take the Hugo2 on aeroplanes more than the Mojo now to listen with my Shure KSE1500 and that is another great pairing. The Qutest is waiting to have the Mscaler attached when it arrives this autumn.

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Nice! Did you ever take your Qutest or Hugo2 to a shop to connect to Blu2, to hear the effect of 1M taps?

Or will M-Scaler be the first time you hear it?

No, never heard the Blu2. Whilst I have deep suspicion for most of the claims made in this industry, I do not believe that Chord sells snake oil. I actually preferred my Mojo in my main speaker system to my Naim DAC and that is pretty alarming considering the difference in price.

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Hi guys I recently setup my Poly Mojo with my one of my Audeze LCD headphones- given the functionality of the DSP settings of both in Roon - the sound is amazing (use a NUC Box with Rock with commercial grade Ruckus WiFi solution) - the sound quality is amazing !!`


I have a Qutest which I use with a system comprising a BAT VK32/Cambridge 851W and B&W 805s.

Previously I,ve used a Hugo and a Mojo,and have to say that the Qutest is way ahead in terms of resolution,soundstaging and just about any other term I can think of.

For the money,the combination of this DAC,plus upscaled DSD fed to it is just superb.