Chord Dave Phase and RF Filter settings?

For those that are using the Chord Dave DAC, can you please let me know if you have it set on Positive or negative phase and is the HF Filter set to On or Off?


I just want to say Congratulations on having the DAVE! :clap:t4::metal:t4:

I love it, as I do my Naim gear, it puzzles me though how companies that sell premium, cutting-edge products often skimp out on the user guide, manuals, etc… It is weird, you buy this thing then you are left to your own devices to figure out the settings :slight_smile:

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Fully agree did you end up figuring out what they do?

Nope, just discovered that when I have the Phase set to Positive the sound is much better (to me at least), so I am for now keeping it at that.

Rob Watts told me he uses high fil off with M scaler and hi fil on with solo Dave.

For phase I am still confused though.

I have my Hi Filter On… For me it is clear, when Phase is set to negative, I am not getting the musicality I used to have… back on positive the system signs… what are you pairing your Dave with from a pre/amp side of things?

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I spoke to Rob Watts via message and he made it clear for me.

Hi Fil on without m scaler. Hi Fil off with m scaler.

Between positive and negative it depends on the track but if forced to choose a permanent setting, phase should be set to positive.

It is odd huh that this information is not more readily available.

I appreciated how Rob answered when I messaged him and I guess I’m sharing it here so others can be of benefit of our hero, our creator of awesome products, Mr. Watts.

I also see you asking this same question around and no one was able to give you answer either haha.

Yes, I gave up on the scientific explanation, now I just use my ears :slight_smile:

Thanks for this info. I just got an Mscaler for my Dave and had the HF filter on since that’s how my Focal Utopia’s sounded best on the Hugo 2. I figured that was best setting on Dave. Never listened with it off. But now turning it off for Mscaler indeed makes it even clearer.

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Welcome I was very frustrated myself that this info was not found any where. Glad to help.

So I actually prefer the HF setting on even with the mscaler. I’m using Focal Utopia headphones and find this setting gives them more weight. With HF off it may technically sound better but sounds more musical with it on. Could be headphone dependent or just preference.

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The phase function should be a button on the remote to serve it’s purpose: check a track/album for best sound on-the-fly from your listening position. Otherwise I agree that positive is the best setting as there are more albums with correct phase, a guesstimate is 85/15 - maybe even 90/10.

Yeah it would drive me nuts to have to actively try to figure this out on a track to track basis so I just leave it positive since most tracks are positive phase.

But yes great point.

I was posting about this in the head-if forum so thought I should post here as well.

So I’m finally giving the HF off setting a try. I was so used to the On setting that I didn’t give the Off setting a chance.

What I’m noticing is with it off it moves the soundstage forward so the music is in front of you instead of starting at the sides. This give the illusion of less weight but it’s more natural sounding.

And with the mscaler, the off setting brings out the highs more but they are sparkly clear and liquid sounding. No harshness at all.

Going to try this setting for a few days and see if I prefer it.

So I left the HF in off since my last post and did enjoy that setting but if felt like something was missing. With it back on, the music once again has more weight. It feels like I’m wrapped in a warm blanket. All the nice warm bass textures are back. It’s just a more musical experience. With it off, the music feels more analytical.

Now this is all said using the mscaler and Dave with the Focal Utopia. Maybe with a warmer headphone the off setting is better. I also have a Danacable Reference coming this week, so I’ll see how that affects the HF setting. I assume it will make the HF on setting even better.

Do you hear anything different when listening without the Headphones?

Yes, nothing :slightly_smiling_face: Currently only using this setup for headphones.

I’ve never had a speaker setup due to living space.

Well, you have one of the ultimate headphones for this task, I love the Utopia’s, never heard anything as engaging as those when I tried them out…