Chord Electronics 2GO Roon endpoint "and Server"

New products from Chord

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Looks like a good replacement of my Allo DigiOne. I am looking for good USB and BNC digital output streamer. This one even has battery inside.
But this combination is not cheap…

Could please someone confirm if Chord 2go is a Roon endpoint but NOT a Roon server? Chord says conflicting things at the site. (Maybe Roon Labs could contact Chord Electronics.)

In their webpage they state:
Playback: Roon (Endpoint),…
Which means as a playback device it’s an endpoint.
At the features they mention: “Roon endpoint and server”. It depends on the hardware used inside it how successful it is as a server though.

Yep, confliciting information. But surely Roon Labs can make it clear.

It’s clearly not a server.

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It might be a file server to share the SD cards to s roon server?

2go is Roon Ready means it is a Roon endpoint. It is also a music server running MPD means it is a DLNA server or render. Chord does not mention it can be a SMB file server or not.

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I wonder whether it lets you control the volume of a connected Chord DAC from the Roon app? And why is it only 2.4GHz wireless?

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Fundamentally to me it works in a very similar fashion to the Chord Poly / Mojo ( I own one) even down to only having 2.4GHz WiFi.

I have a Mojo languishing in a drawer somewhere. It served as my DAC for about a year whilst I was renting a flat in London. Like how Chord sounds, but dislike the boiled candy in a box look. Definitely not my taste in industrial design.


I have to agree with this. Enjoy the sound what little I have heard but not fan of the looks. Interesting products though.

Because of the better range and higher stability of 2.4GHz WiFi (still the same reasons since the introduction of the Poly) as this connection type is primarily intended for mobile use (and for Chord the Mojo/Poly is a pure mobile device). As the Hugo 2 is intended for mobile and stationary use, it’s accompanying streamer 2go got an additional Ethernet port for stationary use.

As the Poly allows Roon to use “Device Volume”, the 2go will likely also allow that – maybe even with the same restriction that it wont work when one enables DSD/DoP support.

Both 2go and Hugo have bluetooth function, if I want to use WiFi on 2go, I wish it is 5GHz.

So when you change volume in Roon the Mojo itself changes volume? The coloured balls change colour?

Bluetooth uses lossy re-compression for the music and might therefore not suite everyone. I fear, as the product is already designed (without 5GHz support), your wishes come a little bit late.

No, it’s DSP volume applied trough the streamer (Poly) for Mojo (and that’s why it won’t work with DSD/DoP).

As for the 2go, no details available so far, I guess.

Does someone know if it’s theoretically possible with Hugo 2 – Means does he have a working USB volume control? Answer: No it’s not possible.

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Defective by design…


While it may well not be a Roon server, I don’t see why it couldn’t be. I’ve recently started using Roon at home and I love the UI, and have been thinking that I would really like a DAP-transport that acted as a Roon server and endpoint together with a DAC. I would control it from the Roon controller app on my iPhone. This seems so close to that. 4TB of storage is also exceptional for a DAP.

How do you play stuff from the SD cards on this or the Poly? Do you have to use a specific Chord app? I feel like that’s sub-optimal, since Chord’s area of expertise is not phone apps.

The Roon model of controller-server-endpoint seems ideal for this kind of setup.

Roon Server only runs on x86 platform currently.