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Hi Gents

I have a question before I jump on the hugo 2go and roon

I already have a roon ready wireless active speaker and hugo 2

Now if I get 2go and roon, would I be able to stream hugo 2 DAC to my speakers through roon

Or I still need to get hugo 2 wired to my speakers

Thanks for the support

I don’t own either but I do have a couple of Chord products. I’m almost certain that you’ll still have to wire your Hugo to the speakers, the 2go is all about inputs to the Hugo.

Yeah I think so too

You are correct, I have the 2go, it works perfectly with Roon for me.

Hugo2 cannot communicate with wireless speakers. If you want to take advantage of Hugo2’s DAC capabilities you need to connect it to the speakers by wire. You have two choices:

  • Use the Roon Client in the wireless speakers. The wireless speaker will do the D/A conversion
  • Use the Roon Client in 2go. Hugo2 will then do the D/A conversion and send an analogue signal to the speakers over a wired connection

You can only tell by trying which solution sounds better. Whether the Hugo2 will be able to deliver better sound depends on how the analogue inputs of the wireless speakers are handled. If they are converted to digital and then back to analogue (i.e. for DSP), Hugo probably will not be an improvement over using the Roon Client in the speakers.

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Thanks yes I just have to try

This is pretty much a definitive answer IMO…

Yes indeed

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