Chord Hugo 2's Windows driver, don't use it!

Long story short, I recently uninstalled the Chord Hugo 2 driver from my computer completely, the improvement of the sound quality is day and night, plus no more noise issue that I had before with the higher sample rate. So if you are not satisfied with the sound quality or experiencing noise/crackling sound issue with your Hugo 2 via USB connection before, give this solution a try.

I thought that the Chord Hugo drivers were essential to the correct functioning of the device?
I would aslo think a reinstall of drivers would be more appropriate if there’s an obvious issue.

Which driver is your post about?


Which did you uninstall?

Uninstall both Chord drivers, you should see them when you open control panel->uninstall program, after that just use the default WASAPI from Windows.
this is what’s on my the other computer, there should be another one named Chord ASIO version 1.0.5

I thought so too before, until when I set up a new PC during the weekend and I decided to try without the Chord driver, I was shocked how good it sounds, just to compare, I installed the Chord driver on my new PC after, but it sounds like a downgrade to me, and the worst part of the Chord driver is the strange white noise/crackling sound when play with high sample rate sound tracks.

Thanks for the information, I’ll give it a try…:pray:t5:

I don’t have any issues with Hugo2 and Chord’s ASIO driver. I was just curious what the issue is.

I mostly use Hugo2 with macOS though, which doesn’t need additional drivers.

Since Win10 natively supported UAC2 , then it should be fine without Chord’s driver, just like macOS and Linux.