Chord Hugo TT plugged into Mac Mini running roon core drops off audio setup menu

When I plug in a Chord Hugo TT via USB cable (HD USB input on Chord) into my Mac Mini running roon Core the Hugo TT flashes on and off the Audio setup menu of roon. The Hugo TT shows up as the Hugo TT Connected to Core for the blink of an eye then goes and away and then comes back again very rapidly over and over again indefinitely.

With no changes to my setup the Hugo TT shows up as a generic TI DAC if I plug the same USB cable into the SD USB jack on the Hugo TT and then into the Mac Mini running roon core. The flashing on and off of the Hugo TT in the roon audio set up menu issues goes away.

I have a Chord 2Qute. If I plug it into the exact same system setup and cable as above it works just fine.

Every other DAC or microRendu that I’ve plugged onto my system works fine with roon.

It sure seems like the Hugo TT via the HD USB input is the culprit with this issue? Everything else I try (SD USB input on the Hugo TT) or any other DAC seems to work fine.

Any thoughts?

If you go into System settings on the MacMini, is the Chord TT (via HD USB) visible and stable there?
Can you play basic system sounds through it?

I think i’ve seen something about unstable Chord US-ports before…

PS, have you tried an alternative USB Cable?

Thanks for the suggestions Mikael. Yes the Chord TT is visible on the MacMini but it flickers on an off just as it does in roon. I tried another cable and the problem is resolved. Hugo TT is stable in both roon and Mac settings screens. Problem cable worked fine for years, works to this day flawlessly with Chord 2Qute on same MacMini. No issues with this 2M Audioquest USB cable until Chord TT. Go figure.

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