Chord Mojo & Poly

Hi guys,

I have a chord mojo/poly combination. Setup works fine and the combo is playing well, however I am not able to change the speaker volume, I got the message “Die Lautstärke ist nicht regulierbar", which’s means “the volume is not adjustable”.

I’ll guess it is the section where I can adjust the min/max dB volume, however I can not change either the min nor the max value.

Any thoughts?

Ps sorry for the German screen


The Mojo should be set to Fixed Volume; therefore Volume Limits cannot be changed.

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Hi Martin,

Correct thanks - I figured it out after reading the poly manual on the web.


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From Gofigure-Manual-English.pdf:

So with Roon DSD on: Device Volume in Roon is fixed.

With Roon DSD off: Device Volume in Roon is possible (Range -80 – 0)

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I have a Chord Mojo. I use it exclusively at night, when for an hour or two before bed I listen to music on Roon via headphones - the Mojo is connected to my laptop via USB. (daytime listening is via Chord Qutest, connected to hifi/speakers)

Why would I need a Poly? I like the idea of Poly, but from my limited knowledge it would just replace my laptop in the set up and I don’t think I need it?

Or would the sound quality somehow be better? Can’t see why it would be, but as I say don’t know a lot about it and any blurb I read just seems to make it sound like a good option for being able to listen in various rooms around the house, which I wouldn’t do.

Hi Kevin,

I use the mojo in a similar way, especially when my wife needs tv and I need music in the living room. :wink:

However, I have a poly installed because I want to be mobile. Not even at home also when I am traveling which I do very often.
The Poly offer WiFi Connection at
Home or a hotspot for e.g. an iPhone when you are not connected to a WiFi network. You can use as well Bluetooth, but from the sound quality point of view it is not recommend.

I cannot say that Poly offers a better sound quality, but with WiFi the quality is in my
Opinion superb.

As said, Poly offers mobility nothing more,
but this is for me very important

Kind regards


Cheers Tom, thanks for the reply.

Yeah looks to be £429 I wont need to spend, as I dont need the mobility.

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Thank you tom for that assessment.

I’ve moved my audio gears around and previously used Roon Ready DAC / Headphone Amp setup is not ideal to connect to headphone from my basement study.

Then i realized, i have a Mojo that perhaps Poly is good time now, particularly with all the good reviews since FW 2.x update.

But … $649’ish… that is the gating factor … :frowning:

Being a cheapskate, been using following setup using iphone SE that got freed up from the kid.

I would have preferred my Android Galaxy Note10+ instead but i think i’ve read enough of posts from others that Android + Chord Mojo do not play well as Roon endpoint (unlike iOS devices), so i’m back to UAPP. But UAPP != Roon…

There’s nothing like Roon for convenience “and” quality.

So far wifi with dsd256, 352.8Khz sources, seem fine during playback.

Awkward setup.

With exception of giving up the balanced output to Focal Utopia headphone, with my hearing i cannot tell the difference between this setup, and Astell & Kern AK380 balanced output playing same music sources. But of course, latter has no Roon convenience of navigating the music library using Roon from my PC from bigger screens.

But still, should i explore the Poly option? What do you all think?

And from the PC screen do all the music navigation’s,

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Any Poly users ever getting a “Device Disconnected” error when you open GoFigure and try to connect to your Poly?

This error happens right after the Poly connects to GoFigure and prevents me from switching my Poly over to another WiFi network. Poly works near flawlessly with Roon so long as I don’t try to connect to it via GoFigure.

This problem only seems to happen when I’m connected to one of my WiFi networks (I run multiple routers with different SSIDs).

I cannot move around with my Poly to a different location unless I can change the Poly’s WiFi network.

Any thoughts/suggestions appreciated. I suspect this might have mainly to do with my LAN and how it’s setup but curious what others have experienced. Thanks.

PS excited to hear that a GoFigure is getting a big update soon. Hopefully that will include full play from SD card capability without needing a separate MPD app.

I switch between Roon/ local Wi-Fi at home and Poly Wi-Fi hotspot/ MPD when travelling without issue. I understood GoFigure connects to Poly using Bluetooth. My home Wi-Fi uses a single SSID for multiple hotspots so I don’t have issues moving around the home.

I have been using the Chord Poly/Mojo combination daily now for a few months. I basically use it as a battery driven static streaming/DAC source from Qobuz feeding a Feliks Audio Echo headphone amplifier with BeyerDynamics T1.2 headphones.
I listen for about an hour a day in bed late at night, and I must say I am really happy with the combination.

Originally, I had a raspberry PI as a streamer feeding the Mojo, but couldn’t resist buying the Poly to pair with it, and I haven’t been disappointed.

The combination has worked faultlessly with Roon, and it gives me the option to take the streamer/DAC with me when I travel (with an easier to drive pair of headphones).

I think Roon really makes the Poly/Mojo work for me. Without Roon, the experience is a bit more hit and miss, but is useful as an alternative when Roon is not available.


Agree 100%. I am surprised that no one has mentioned how much better files playing off the sd card sound. I love Roon but the SD card kicks butt.


How can one digital file sound different from another digital file?

That’s a one million dollar question. My guess (and I don’t claim to be an expert) is that its not the file but the way its delivered. Solid state memory might have something to do with it. Very short signal path? Who knows.

“Possibly” there is less electrical noise within the system when playing back via local SD card compared to streaming over wifi activity. i.e. the bits are still the same bits, it’s just that electrical noise (especially from high-frequency wireless components) “may” induce electrical noise that has an impact on the final analogue output.

This Mojo/Poly/Go Figure configuration does not allow for playing Qobuz or Tidal music offline, does it?

Hi All.
I have the Chord Mojo Poly combo. I’m playing mqa playlists on tidal through Roon… when I tap on the signal path in the now playing part it always shows low quality… not sure if I’ve set everything up right as I’m by no means tech smart! I have to have Roon dsd off as the chord poly is in the next room to me wired to my hifi and I use the volume adjust on my iPhone… not sure if this has something to do with it?
Thank you in advance.

I may be wrong but if you are using a phone to adjust volume I think it will be playing via Bluetooth or Apple thingy.
Is the mojo activated in Roon settings? You should be able to click on it in Roon and play straight to it.

Top photo shows poly at the bottom as it’s connected to Roon
Bottom photo shows tracks signal path.

Someone with a vague amount of intelligence may be able to explain better!

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