Chord Poly + ARC [Already possible]

I would be happy to be wrong about this, but it seems that ARC does not connect to the Chord Poly. It would solve some of the challenges I have experienced with the Poly (which I love) if the two worked well together, e.g. streaming Tidal, dropouts from my mesh network (Orbi), etc.

N.B. I’m going from windows/android to the Poly. Apparently, ARC does work via airplay on iOS.

The Poly is a Roon Ready endpoint used within your home network using Roon Remote. ARC cannot connect to the Poly, but it can be used with the Mojo.

I Mojo via Android often. Puts a smile on my face always.


It puts a smile on my face, too.

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My Chord Mojo 2 is my favorite DAC.


It should but you need to use the OS settings first to establish the airplay output. Then just “play” in ARC.

I use the Roon endpoint on my Poly at home quite a lot. However, i get dropouts from my Orbi when moving around (not Roon’s problem). It would significantly enrich the poly experience to be able to connect to ARC outside the home network.

It seems that ARC is functioning as Roon endpoint when it is outside the home network. However, ARC is only running on iOS device or Android device, which are not made for audiophile purposes. Let’s say bandwidth allows and ARC is able to stream DXD to iPhone, using a USB cable from iPhone to Mojo will likely not be able to deliver DXD streams to Mojo, but downsampled streams. This is not ideal for audiophiles either. Existence of DAPs and Poly is to avoid using iPhone or Android phone as Roon endpoint hardware. How likely Roon will eventually be able to make Poly work as an endpoint in this away scenario/signal path? Or this is a Chord call? Thanks.

This is incorrect, ARC on iOS will deliver bit-perfect to the Mojo. But then again, the Mojo only supports PCM and DSD.

Thanks Martin. Does the lightning output on iOS have restrictions? Also, rumors always speculate that one day Apple will ditch the lightening or any physical USB output, as they push their airpod products. If that happens, how will ARC deliver bit-perfect stream to a DAC?

Anyway, is it technically possible for ARC to deliver bit-perfect wirelessly to Poly or any Roon certified endpoint streamers? Thanks.

The signal still passes through the OS mixer, so system notifications are heard. Roon ARC / Roon Remote Remote see a USB connected DAC.

Not at this time. However, you can stream from ARC to Bluetooth or Airplay paired devices, so this should work with the Poly.

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You can use Roon ARC on an iPhone with lightning and iPad with lightning or USB C. Use an external DAC and set Roon ARC to “Original Format.” I use FiiO KA1, AudioQuest Dragonfly Cobalt, and Mojo 2. You can get up to 24/192 or 24/96 with the Dragonfly. I don’t have any DSD files to try, but I think you can use them also.

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I do the same Airplay method to stream Qobuz on my iPhone to Poly. However, for some reason I cannot find the options to do Airplay in ARC. The button is typically on the lower left hand side of the screen, but I could not find it in ARC. It is probably my miss. Will keep digging. Thanks Martin.

Go to Airplay on your iPhone and see what devices you see and try to play to one of them. Of course, you will need to be on WIFI I think, which is not really the purpose of Roon ARC.

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Not if you have the phone on silent/vibrate only.

Just setup the Poly to work with Roon ARC. These are the steps.

  • Open GoFigure app, and disable Roon Ready and enable Airplane mode in settings
  • In iOS settings, make sure Poly Bluetooth is connected.

Obviously, Bluetooth results in down sampling, but it is a solution nonetheless.

Obviously, the sound quality deteriorates when played through Bluetooth. What would it take to allow ARC to connect to an endpoint like Poly through a wifi connection like it does with the regular Roon app? @Martin_Webster

Welcome to the Roon community, @Harry_Brandt.

This isn’t how ARC is intended to work; it’s doesn’t have endpoints since they are a part of the Roon setup in the home.

The Poly works as an endpoint in this scenario, and the Mojo works with mobile devices when on the go.

Well @Martin_Webster what if I’m on the go with portable Mojo2/Poly? It would be nice to be able to use RoonArc as the source wirelessly as I can with Tidal or Qobuz from the phone to Mojo2/Poly. Yes the Mojo will work but it requires a hard wire from the phone to the Mojo2.

To use Roon ARC away from home you must receive the signal via a cellular signal. That requires a cellular radio. The Chord Poly does not contain a cellular radio or a cellular data plan. That’s why you have to use a phone or tablet with a cellular radio and a cellular data plan.