Chord Poly does not start playback anymore

Core Machine
Apple mac mini, MacOs Catalina version10.15.7, late 2012, intil i7, 16Gb ram

Network Details
Huwaei inside-out modem Huawei Lte Model: B2368-66

Audio Devices
Chord MojoPoly combination on a headphone (Focal Clear)

Library Size
73000 songs

Description of Issue
Roon does not play songs on my MojoPoly from Chord. I get the message (in Dutch) that it will start playing on my audio-device, but it might take a little while… I am still waiting.

It worked fine untill I used the bluetooth connection… Now it doesn’t work anymore on wifi. I have already stopped the bluetooth connection (all devices with bluetooth are disabled), reinstalled the Chord software on my tablet (the one I use to configure my MojoPoly). Restarted Roon on my macMini. The usual stuff …

Any suggestions, anyone??

Hey @Peter_van_der_Maas,

Thanks for letting us know of this and sorry about the trouble. We’d love to help :nerd_face:

I appreciate you already trying all the steps that you have. Any chance you’ve also restarted the MojoPoly (turn off, unplug for a couple of minutes, plug in and turn back on)? Does the device appear in Settings → Audio? Is it enabled? Could you please share a screenshot of Settings → Audio?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hi Rebeka, thanks for the reply. I had tried already stopping, unplugging, etc. the MojoPoly, no success. I really got frustrated this afternoon, so what I did is resetting the MojoPoly back to its factory settings, and than configured it again with the Chord GoFigure app… and it works like a charm again. Roon is not the problem here, the buggy software from Chord is. It never felt user-friendly or even worse, it doesn’t seem stable. But the sound quality is unparalleled at that price-point. So I think I just have to put up with it. Again, thanks for the reply and … I should have reported my solution this afternoon… Regards, Peter