Chord Poly - MQA- Roon V1.5

Hi All,
I’ve been using my Chord Poly/Mojo combo as a Roon endpoint and have been very pleased with performance. I’ve seen that V1.5 of Roon now supports MQA, and I believe the Poly does too when used with Roon. Does anyone know what the correct settings are with respect to MQA in the Device Setup Dialogue box? Under “MQA Capabilities” all selections (No MQA Support, Decoder and Renderer, Decoder Only, Renderer Only) produce sound, but which should be the correct option for best results?

Thanks in advance.

I believe the MQA support for the Poly prior to Roon 1.5 was via Tidal, so now you have Roon doing the unfold you would set it to ‘no MQA support’ which would trigger Roon to do the unfold.

Thanks I was wondering how best to explore the MQA functionality of Roon on my Poly.

As @Ratbert says, the correct setting (Device Serttings) is No MQA Support. This means Roon will decode the MQA stream. If you don’t want Roon to do the first unfold set this to Decoder only. Of course Chord DACs (I have the 2Qute) do not recognise MQA.

That’s great, thanks for your input. MQA streaming from Tidal via Poly using the No MQA Support setting, and sounding excellent!

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Digging up an old thread from two years ago… but just want to confirm that Poly should still be set to “No MQA Support” in settings. I believe mine was on the default settings, which was set to “Renderer Only.”

I know my Mojo doesn’t do MQA, but just want to confirm that my Poly settings are correct if I click on an MQA file within Tidal. Thanks!

Okay so I found this in the knowledge base…

The only DSP that I use is “volume leveling,” so I guess it doesn’t really matter if Poly is set to No MQA Support or Renderer Only?

It will work either way.

That part I get.

If I use volume leveling, which I guess is technically a DSP function, then it appears that the best choice is “Renderer Only?”

Or, in effect it makes no difference if I we’re to select “No MQA Support” instead?

I only know with my own non-mqa DAC it can be in either mode and it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Just use “No MQA Support”. There is no need to preserve the MQA 2nd unfold information for a DAC that doesn’t support MQA decoding at all.
But if you want to run the Mojo/Poly on the default settings, feel free to do so. The MQA information just gets ignored by the Mojo if present.

PS: If you use “Device Volume” and the volume is not set to maximum then the MQA information gets destroyed (invalidated) anyway.

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Thank you BlackJack