Chord Poly + Roon

An interesting price …when you can put together a Pi and Digi One/USB for one fifth the price?
I would rather Chord came out with their version of the micro Rendu. This would network enable all their DACs potentially with one universal box.

i think they are aimed at different markets though. The Pi isn’t a mobile device that you can pick up from where it is plugged in to the man rig and put it in your pocket to work as a DAP, with 10+ hour battery life, playing songs from the MicroSD card, with the UI being on your phone.

Indeed, but most of that functionality already exists in the standalone mojo when plugged into a phone. I just see it as an opportunity missed I guess for the rest of the Chord DACs. I hope it is a big seller for them and encourages development of a more universal device. I also hope I can afford one if they do. :grinning:

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I guess the Poly does take away that cable between phone and DAC - but as you say at a considerable cost!

To be honest I’ve given up on the whole idea of having a top end source when mobile because the noise around me when walking, in the car, train, underground, bus etc etc is always greater than the difference between an indifferent source and a great one.
I’ll stick to my phone and my etymotics to lose a few DBs of noise in travelling and my Pi and DAC for home.



My other (real) setup uses the micro rendu (with linear PS) to the Brooklyn DAC, balanced line out to the OPPO HA-1 headphone amp. Roon and HQPlayer providing the contents.

My goal with Poly was to do something similar to make Mojo network enable. I would still prefer wired, over wireless.

But now, with this Pi and Digi One/USB combination, would that allow me to, on a less cost side, build something like the micro rendu rig, hook up USB to Mojo, and drive the Mojo DAC from Roon? And sound acceptable?

If so, then i’ll need to see if i can add network attachment to Mojo through that route. I’m sure there are ton of discussions about how to go about doing exactly that.

I did consider the Sonicorbiter SE but that’s ~$300, or more once you add PS.

If someone can just mention, go get this Pi based setup with this transport module, then perhaps that is acceptable outcome for me.

Portability, being mobile with Poly is good add-on, but i usually stay stationary in a quiet listening room at home, and jam out with Roon and HQPlayer through headphone listening.


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There are lots of Pi Mojo threads, for example.

CHORD Mojo & Poly = HighRes to go?

So, today arrived my Poly. I charged it for 6 Hours as they recommend and tried for 2 Hours to connect to it to load the Network-Settings to the Poly.

But it simply didn’t work, the network-settings simply didn’t get saved. In such a case it’s good to have a great Dealer. A Support call later and i got the Solution: The Chord Poly didn’t accept Special Chars in the Network-Settings. So i changed my Network-Password to chars/numbers only and finally could connet to the Mojo.CHORD is aware of this Problem and works on a Solution. Now onto the Roon-Setup. There are two Possible Network Settings for the Poly:

  • ROON
  • Other (Airplay, MPD, UPnP)

To switch between this 2 Settings you have to use a Tool which looks like a SIM-Card-Removal Tool to point into a small hole and hold the so enabled switch for 5 Seconds. After that, the unsafe Network of the Poly gets engaged and you must Connect to this via the Network-Settings in your iDevice or Computer to reach the Page where you can Switch between this 2 possible Network-Settings. This is awkward, to say the least, i hope they come up with a better solution to this problem in an upgrade, especially when i think about the price for this otherwise powerful Mojo-Extension. I would like to have a First come first serve solution comparable to the RasPi Solutions so that i can use Airplay and later simply fire up Roon and the Poly switches automatically to Roon via Software without fiddeling with SIM-Removal-Tools to switch to settings. CHORD even goes so far to recommend to add the sim-removal tool to you’re keyring so that you can always change network-settings while on the go.

In the Roon Audio Setting youre Mojo-Poly Device gets recognized and you can choose it as your Audio-Device. While we can choose it in Roon, it is marked with a red “Uncertified”, like this:

The Audio-Settings of the CHORD Poly in ROON are somewhat castrated and looks different then the usual Audio Settings. For example you cannot see which Sample-Rates the Device supports. One has to keep in Mind that CHORD has choosen to connect the Poly via 2,4 GHz WLAN to get a more stable connection then with 5GHz. So what Sample Rates are possible over a 2,4GHz Connection? I choosed to throw a DSD 256 File at the Mojo-Poly Combo. While it sounds great i could see in the play-settings that my small sample-rate Point was blueish, the DSD 256 gets converted to a 352 Khz PCM File.

Mojo only supports DSD over PCM. I didn’t try the DSP-Engine with the combo yet. But hey: the Sound is great!

Another great usage-scenario for the poly is to add a big micro sd-card with 256 or 400 GB. So you can have a lot of Highres music on the go, unthetered from you’re Smartphone or Tablet or network/NAS. But to control the music you need to use a Phone/Tablet, Computer anyway, so why not use a Lightning cable to the usb of the Mojo in the first place? 500 to 600 Euros are without question alot of money to just cut the chord between smartphone and Mojo.

OK, there is the Micro-SD Card thing and the added possibility to use Airplay and/or UpnP. In my case, i use the Mojo Poly combo as a more convenient solution for running around the house with Headphones and i too will connect the combo to my Amp. But the unconvenience to switch between Roon and Airplay bites me hard.



Thanks for providing this review.

In your wireless environment, did you notice any drops, gaps and such in playback of higher res content, dsd128/dsd256, 24/192?

Interesting that Roon was not able to display what sampling frequencies in PCM and DSD that the Chord Mojo supports behind the Poly network attachment. Odd…

But i’m not getting the above comment about dsd256 getting converted to PCM.

Why is that occurring?

Is that because Roon is not able to fully interrogate, and discover Mojo DAC behind Poly?


Thanks for the intro! Much appreciated!

You do not have the option to send DSD as DoP in Audio Setup of the Poly?
(Just as you would when the Mojo is connected directly to an USB-port of your Roon Bridge, that is…)

ATB Mike

If not then that can be a non-starter for me with Poly.

And using SD card, i already have AK380 so i am not looking for yet another standalone DAC for use with mobile phone.

And airplay, bluetooth, i’m not going to use, nor interested.

I wonder if i need to reach out to Chord directly, but i would have expected the Poly to provide network attachment to allow Mojo to be used as its full DAC capability for PCM and DSD, with Roon, as if cabled up using USB between Roon (bridge) and Mojo.

Roon -> DSD -> conversion -> PCM -> Poly -> Mojo = disappointment, IMHO

Perhaps, SW/FW update is what’s needed after Poly 1.0 release.


Well, perhaps this (baseline) tells me that Poly is non-starter in my wireless environment…

I have hooked up the Mojo using USB to my laptop, loaded Roon on it locally (though the Roon server is on a different beefier SSD machine). Connected laptop to 2.4 wireless LAN, sitting right in from the access point, full signal strength (and AP connected wire to network switch over 1 GbE to Roon server box). Used the laptop to play few dsd128 and dsd256.

Result: not good, drops, gaps, etc.

dsd64 - good.

24/384, 24/192 - ok.

24/96 - good.

Perhaps this wireless with Roon is not the way to go.

Do some digging, i’m sure there are discussions around Roon and wireless end points.

Update: tried AK380 over DLNA to play same dsd128/dsd256 contents, no drops. Why is that…

I’ve been considering Mojo+Poly. Good integration with Roon will be the deciding factor for me. Does anyone have any other experiences they could share? Thank you in advance.

They are supposed to be arriving at the dealers in the US this week, so we should know something soon from those with pre-orders in.


Just to clarify, Mojo does does play DSD with Dop and has worked fine via USB and through my atom based end point with Roon bridge. However with poly the ability to set up dop for DSD is missing in the setup menus and it shows as uncertified.

Supposedly DSD via Roon to the Poly will be in the next firmware release. It’s in beta testing now. It’s a good thing because DLNA is flakey with dropouts and the Poly completely dropping off the network when doing DLNA, at least for me.

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Thanks for the info. That’s good to hear. Between that and the new app it’s looking like some major improvements coming.

I just got my Poly a few days ago. I have to say a portable wireless Roon endpoint for headphone listening, the Mojopoly is very compelling—more than I ever expected. I move all over the house with it. (Current Poly setup is a less-than-delightful out-of-the-box experience, but it does work.) I had forgotten just what a wonderful DAC the Mojo is.

Looking forward to DSD support in the next firmware release and the forthcoming iOS app. And if/once MQA software unfolding comes to Roon, it’ll be an even more awesome combination.

I suppose the interest in the Poly faded quite significantly with the release of iOS bitperfect playback for many of us.

But, how are things working out for those of you that use the Poly? Either as a Roon Endpoint or any other form of player.

Head over to HeadFi and check out the almost 300 pages of comments. The only thing I can do reliably with mine is connect to the Poly as a WiFi hotspot and play music off it’s internal SD card - something I don’t really need a Poly for. With Roon or DLNA - forget it. It has major issues with at least some WiFi networks. On mine, it was constantly jumping around between WAPs (even though it was stationary) and every time it would jump, I would get a drop out or a complete disconnect. I tried to solve the problem by setting up a specific SSID that is only associated with one WAP but it didn’t help. I was on the phone with Meraki support for over an hour trying to figure it out but all we could see from the logs is the Poly would issue a disconnect for some unknown reasons. I forwarded logs and all the info to Chord and haven’t heard a peep from them since. There are others on the forum who say their Poly’s are working fine but I haven’t seen many (or any) who are streaming Roon. Most are using the Poly/Mojo combo as a DAP and playing music off the local SD card, which seems to be what it does best. Fixes are promised in the next firmware release, so I would wait to see if Chord can sort out all the issues. Right now, it is a beta product at best. Mine is on the shelf awaiting the next firmware drop.


My MojoPoly works perfectly well for me using either the internal SD card, Airplay, Bluetooth and Roon. No problems at all streaming hires files via Roon. I suffer occasional dropouts at the far end of my house, but that is down to strength of network coverage - as soon as I move closer into the room, all works fine. The best sound quality is with Roon using crossfeed and an Audeze EQ preset - it sounds really very good. Those who have problems are, quite naturally, the ones that post the most about their experience. For those for whom it all works, they just get on with using and enjoying the device.