Chord Poly signal path UI bug?

Roon Core Machine

Latest version running on separate windows server.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Poly was tested on two different Wi-Fi routers.

Connected Audio Devices

Poly is connected to Mojo2 and have latest v3 firmware.

Description of Issue

In my signal path showing Chord Poly (Roon ready) is doubled as on screenshot.

Is this is a normal behaviour?

Appears you’re not alone, but I’m not a good reference point for normal.

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Probably the second screen should be chord mojo2? as poly only supports mojo&mojo2?

Don’t be so unfair on yourself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Roon support anyone can take a look?

I have the original Mojo / Poly combination, and the signal path is good, so maybe a Mojo2 issue. Second image should be the Mojo2.

Maybe the wrong image is associated with your Mojo 2. You can change the image in Roon if it is. It is the Zone Icon for that device.


@Jim_F’s suggestion FTW, changed my device type for the bridge and

Am out of hearts ATM


Thanks guys!

I needed to change device settings… I’m pretty sure that only mojo1 (on model list) was visible a week ago :slight_smile:

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