Chord Qute EX does not find by Roon core on Linux PopOS

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I am using Roon Core under PopOs on my PC ( HP Elitedesk 800 G1 DM mini PC / G3220T/ 4GB RAM). I have tried much Chord device (2Qute, Qutest) on this without any problem. But now I wouild try to use a Qute EX. But the core does not seems this.
Can you help me?


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Your OS (PopOS) needs a suitable driver to talk to your DAC over USB. Does the DAC work for you if use some other playback software on your Linux machine? If not and you can’t find (or compile) a suitable driver, you may have to find other ways to connect your DAC to Roon (soundcard with digital output, Roon Ready streamer with support for your DAC).

Have a look at the thread below too:

PS: @moderators please place the this where ever you think it fits best, but I believe its unlikely that the support category is the right place for this OS/driver issue.

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