Chord Qutest DAC - is it going to be Roon Certified?

Most of the Chord DACs seem to. How about Qutest?

Ask Chord only they would know.

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I think it is certified since you can see its graphical picture and a Link to its specification in Roon software.

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From a recent thread

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My Quest work with Roon perfectly, Does this “being certified”, help or improve anything at all or it is just a word of “certified” that matters psychologically ?

I don’t think it does. But I guess it means it is tested and certified if you need support.

Hello Ali, Was you Chord Qutest recognized by Roon Nucleus (running Roon Core)?

Context; I seem to have incorrectly assumed that since my Roon Core on my Mac Mini interfaced via USB with my Audio Research REF CD9 SE that replacing my Mac Mini with just purchased Roon Nucleus Plus would ‘just work’. Well not that case sadly. My Mojo works, but thinking of purchasing the Qutest. As you can see my Mojo is recognized by the Nucleus Roon Core in the screen shot. Was you Chord Qutest recognized similarly? Don’t want to purchase a 2nd product that does not achieve my goal in hearing music. Thanks…

Hello Eric, When will the Chord Qutest be Roon Certified (as will purchase if certified for my Roon Nucleus running Core)? Thanks, Mitch

I run a Qutest. It integrates and is fully recognized by Roon. I currently have it downstream from an ultraRendu streamer, but have also had it USB connected directly to a Windows NUC HTPC. Now I’m running ROCK on the NUC. The DAC has been recognized in all setups without any issues.

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Certification involve complex reciprocal licencing issues ’ its political…Why does it matter ? As long as Roon recognises and works harmoniously with everything all good

I’ve had a Qutest for nearly a year and it’s been recognised by Roon from the off:

It means nothing ! If its working enjoy the music … If not seek support from either Roon or and Chord

All the best

id buy one anyway , they work beautifully together