Chord Qutest detected as a 384Khz DAC?

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10, 11th-gen Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB RAM

Connected Audio Devices

Chord Qutest via USB

Description of Issue

Roon seems to be detecting my Chord Qutest as a 384Khz (maximum) DAC. The Qutest does 768Khz, of course. Any 768Khz file played is forced to down-sample to 384Khz. Roon up-sampling only shows frequencies till 384Khz. This is despite the fact that in the DAC settings, the maximum resolution is in fact set to 768Khz, and I also checked the “override for DACs that misreport their capabilities” option for good measure. What could be the problem?

Have you checked the Roon Device setup - Max sample Rate (PCM) setting?

Yes, that is what I meant when I said I set the maximum resolution to 768Khz.

Possibly the driver is the issue. Can you get that high in windows output? If it’s only showing you up to 384 then likely it’s the dirver being the limiting factor.

I have the official drivers from Chord installed though, and I assume these don’t limit playback to 384Khz…

Have you checked you can get higher from the OS using some other software? Rule this out first before assuming it’s Roon. Make sure you add the correct audio output in Roon likely it gives you a few options, one of them will be the one that will be using the correct driver.

Good point, and I should have mentioned these details in my original post. 768Khz works fine in both HQPlayer and Foobar2000 (on the same machine). I am using the correct devices in Roon, and the problem occurs with both WASAPI and ASIO.

Is it possible to get a response from Roon support on this?

A correction: in fact, the problem does not appear in ASIO mode. With the ASIO drivers, Roon lets me upsample to 768Khz, whereas in WASAPI mode, I can only upsample to 384Khz. This is despite the fact that both the WASAPI and ASIO Qutest “devices” in Roon are set to have a max sample rate of 768Khz.

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Hey @Atriya_Sen1,

We’re so sorry that we’re only chiming in this late…I do wish we would have had a chance to post sooner.

It’s great to see that your conversation in community has led to discovering what driver works best and allows maximum support, 768 Khz. Generally, we recommend using WASAPI. More details on that here.

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