Chromecast 1st use

I’m taking delivery of a chromecast audio tomorrow. I currently use an imac core optical into my mscaler/hugo2. I have some very elementary queries.@support

  1. once chromecast audio is enabled in settings does this work the same way as my imac controlling a roon bridge laptop? If i enable and play through chromecast audio will the built in output for my imac still show in audio zones and more importantly if both my imac built in output and chromecast are enabled what’s to stop music playing from my imac. Or does the chromecast audio take priority. For eg my mac audio settings will still show built in output as sound output?

  2. as my imac which outputs optical audio into my mscaler will now have a free headphone socket (optical out) when i’m not using roon but want to listen to internet streams will i need to plug in a headphone into the imac as chromecast audio only supports certain apps. i.e chromecast audio will be used with roon only through my main system mscaler to hugo2?

Hi @musickid,

Chromecast Audio works just the same as any other endpoint in Roon. Once enabled in Settings | Audio you can choose the Chromecast as a Zone to play back to.

Even though both will be enabled, you can choose which you want to play to from the Zone picker.

I’m not 100% sure about this — Can you clarify what you’re hoping to do here? Are you wanting to use internet streams with Chromecast Audio outside of Roon? Or are you just wanting to use headphones with the iMac and sources outside of Roon?

Either way, I don’t believe you should have a problem, but I just want to make sure I understand exactly what you’re wanting to do here.

yes for example watch videos and internet streams outside of roon. ideally i would want to switch on my mscaler/hugo2 to do this but as the chromecast audio will be connected to the mscaler and only supports certain apps my only options are then to listen to the imac speakers or with a headphone from the imac . i hope that makes sense. the headphone out is now my optical out into mscaler as it has a double function. i assume this is the only way unless i manually plugged in a mini toslink cable from the imac to mscaler each time which is not really practical.

Hi @musickid,

When these devices aren’t being used by Roon you should be able to play to them outside of Roon like normal without issue.

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