Chromecast Audio Not working

Roon Core Machine

Intel Nuc 10th Generation i5, 4gb ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asus XT8 Wifi Mesh Netwrok

Connected Audio Devices

Argon Solo
Chromecast Audio
Google Nest speakers

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I am having issues connecting my Chromecast Audio to Roon. this endpoint was always enabled and always worked until earlier this week. the endpoint would not respond and would cause the core to crash. today I disabled the endpoint and tried to reenable it. Roon will not let me enable this endpoint. I have no other issue with google devices just this one. my Chromecast and Google TVs work, my nest minis work and Google displays work . the Chromecast Audio does not work

what’s going on here?

fun things to try:

have you restarted the CCA dongle?

can you see the CCA in your google home app?

if you can, have you tried to restore to factory settings and set it up again?

Hi @AOH ,

Did you have a chance to try @terzinator 's suggestions? Please let us know the results from this and we can proceed with troubleshooting, thanks!