Chromecast Audio roon ready/RAAT?

I am streaming to a chrome cast audio dongle via Roon. But I have not found any docs explicitly saying that the chrome cast audio dongle is Roon Ready or Roon Tested for that matter.

Is it correct that chrome cast audio dongle is “just” Roon tested? Meaning it’s possible to stream to it from Roon but that it does not support the RAAT protocol?

If that’s the case where can I see this info?

I did find:

which mentions that its “supported” but not if that means “ready” or just “tested”.

You are correct.

Chromecast doesn’t use RAAT.

I’m not sure what you’re seeking here but if you look in Roon Settings>Audio, devices that are Roon Tested or Roon Ready are indicated there.

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Both Chromecast and AirPlay devices are not accessed by Roon through RAAT. Roon handles them the same as other devices accessing a Chromecast device.

Tested means a product in question has been tested by Roon in their test lab to work with Roon. A Roon tested product can be a device that connects via a physical connection such as USB or HDMI to a Roon Ready, Roon bridge or Roon core device allowing audio playback usually DACs and AV Receivers. In these cases RAAT is used as the transport between core software and the output via USB or HDMI.

Roon tested also includes devices that Roon can play to over the network that do not use RAAT. These can use AirPlay; Chromecast, Sonos, Squeezebox,Kef Streaming, Linn Songcast.

However not all DACs or AV Receivers, AirPlay, Chromecast or Sonos devices are classed as Roon Tested as there are so many out there that Roon have not had in to test. It relies on the manufacturers to want them tested and send them in, but as they use the same protocols they will show up and more than likely work fine. For network connected devices these show up under Other Network Devices and have no artwork to depict them and Roon doesn’t know there full specs. Dacs or AV Receivers show up only connected to an existing RAAT based transport such as pc/streamer that is Roon Ready, uses Roon Bridge or is connected to the core again Roon doesn’t know much about the device other than what it broadcasts it supports so often some features are not available or it misreports it’s capabilities.


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