Chromecast Audio vs. DigiOne Signature

I have a receiver with an audio range of 20Hz-100KHz driving JBL 4412 studio monitors. I hooked up a Chromecast Audio via an optical connection and the sound of Hi-Res recordings (96KHz 24 Bit) was outstanding. I ordered a DigiOne Signature player because my Chromecast Audio skipped constantly and I couldn’t update the firmware. I restarted, reset, and rebooted it many times attempting to force a firmware update - nothing worked. Weeks later I turned it on and it was running the latest firmware, which almost completely eliminates audio skips.

I hooked both transports up to the receiver, sent the same Hi-Res song to both of them, and did an A-B test by switching inputs on the receiver. I could barely hear a difference sitting in the sweet spot with my eyes closed concentrating with all my might.

For the first time in my life the speakers are the limited factor in my hi-fi system.

I got klipsch rp 600m and a cambridge cxa60 amp about 4 months ago and i picked up a digione signature about 2 months ago. I find it difficult to hear the difference as well between the digi one via coax and chromecast audio using toslink.
After reading so many good reviews about the digione i find its been a bit of a let down but maybe I’m experiencing limiting factors with my setup like you mentioned…

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