Chromecast built in

Hey all, i have my tower pc running as the roon core. In one room i have a tv with Chromecast built in which shows as a roon device. The tv is connected via optical cable to a dac/amplifier (nad c388) which is connected to passive speakers (kef ls50).
When playing 24bit/96khz mqa file from tidal roon shows this (photo). What i want to know is in what quality I’m hearing. 48khz? Or 96khz?
Also is the tv doing something about sound resolution? Or all is done by the dac in the amp?

Hi @Joao_Redol and welcome to the Roon forum. This is standard behaviour for video Chromecast devices which only support 48/24 max audio I believe. The definitive answer depends on the particular model and there’s plenty of info here:

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You are playing a 24/48 file that was made from a 96khz file. In your screen pic, there is no unfolding happening because of chromecast limitations, so you are just playing the 24/48 file. The authentication line in the signal path is just a notation really, saying “Yes, this file was made from a XXX” file. It does not imply any processing.

If your goal is to play MQA then you will need another mechanism to feed the C388 which can pass along greater than 24/48. You might look at a Node 2i (just don’t use it’s Wifi, feed it ethernet) or something else along those lines.


But, can’t i hear a file at 96khz without it being mqa?

No, Chromecast is limited to 24/48, so if you were to play a 96khz file, it would be downsampled to 24/48.

But i want roon on my tv because I want the roon screen on it. Where do i place the node between my tv and the amp?

I mean how to connect the node between tv and amp

See PM to you.

Hey Daniel i found this on Primare site concerning their chromecast built in. It says the chromecast with Roon goes to 96khz

So i believe i can get 96khz also from the tv chromecast built in. Right?

Do you have a Primare brand TV?


No. The thing that matters is the chromecast built in, not the tv brand

As said Chromecast on Video devices only supports 48/24, only specific audio devices support higher and then not all.of them . That’s how it is you can’t change the spec of Chromecast that’s how it works. Your TV is Video Chromecast device.and can only accept up to 48/24.

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Ok i assume that Primare are lying on their talk about the chromecast

Why? The Prisma is an audio device. Sounds like it may have an OEM version of the audio only (and discontinued in retail) Chromecast Audio, which indeed does 96k.