Chromecast Display Not Present

I am using the latest Roon Server version on Mac OS and used to be able to use my Chromecast Ultra as a display.

Recently tried to use this feature and note that my Chromecast no longer appears available for display (although it is functioning correctly in every other scenario that I use it in). I have rebooted the Chromecast three times to no avail and also restarted Roon server on my Mac.

Can you please advise ?

Have you turned on Chromecast for that zone?


I can see no option anywhere to do this. The displays icon does not show for any zone despite the Chromecast Ultra residing on the same network as all Roon zones.

Hi @Simon_Keslake,

Can you provide some details about your network?

Are you able to use the Chromecast outside of Roon?

Does it show up at all in Settings > Displays does it show up as an option?

Per my original post - my Chromecast Ultra works perfectly and as expected in all other scenarios - I can cast successfully to it from any app that allows casting.

It does not show up as an available device anywhere in Roon settings.

My network is a standard home network using a 192.168.x.x scheme and Roon Server, the Chromecast Ultra, and all Roon Remotes are utilising this network.


Are you saying that they are all in the same sub-net, or, are there different sub-nets? For Roon, it must all be on the same sub-net, so everything on 192.168.29.x; if that was your subnet, then anything on your network on a different sub-net, say, 192.168.10.x would NOT be seen by Roon.

Same subnet - there is nothing remarkable about my basic home network, nor the fact that my Chromecast Ultra used to work fine as a display for Roon, yet now (with no network / hardware changes at my end ) does not.

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I had a problem with Chromecast dropping off as display on one of my system. It must have been related to WiFI. I purchased a ethernet adapter for the Chromecast and have not had any issues.

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Does the Web Display feature work for you?

If not, a firewall might block Roon from properly communicating over the network or another software may have taken the port (9001) used by Roon for the Display feature.

Mine is on Ethernet too - but it might be worth me trying the reverse (testing display with Chromecast on WiFi).


Hi yes - web display works ok. Checked Whether 9001 in use anywhere else in any case and it isn’t.


Hi @Simon_Keslake,

This would be a good test to try out – definitely let us know if there is any change here.

Do you know if there was an update to the Chromecast firmware around the time this started happening? Can you confirm what the firmware version is from the Google Home app?

My vizio with chromeCast disappeared after a firmware update. A reboot of my rock did it the trick.

OK - resetting the Chromecast and running wirelessly didn’t help. The Cast version in Google Home is reported as 1.42.183786.

I am wondering if there would be any benefit to completely uninstalling Roon Server on my Mac mini - removing all User library files etc. - would that possibly help ?

I mean reinstalling of course !!

Ok - it’s sorted. I removed and re-setup the network connection on my Mac Mini, and the Chromecast display came back to life ! Seems there was some kind of network issue after all.

Thanks all for the help and suggestions.


Hi @Simon_Keslake,

I’m glad that things are working for you now! Please feel free to reach out if you ever have any other questions or issues. Happy listening :headphones:

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