Chromecast Displaying "Wrong" Picture

I changed the artist picture for Sir Adrian Boult. The new one appears on my control unit (Mac Pro).

But, the old picture is still displayed on Chromecast.

I have rebooted Chromecast and restarted my Roon ROCK. No change.

Is this behaving “as designed”?

Hi @John_V,

Can you share a screenshot of the artist editor and what you’re seeing on chromecast? Does the same behavior happen if you use a web display?

I just tried doing this myself and the image changed as expected, so it seems like something else is occurring here we will have to look into.

okay, I’ve moved on so I’ll try to recreate. But here’s the pic of Boult that I last uploaded:

but this was the pic that was displayed on Chromecast:


Update: now several hours later, I replayed the album, and the new pic appears.

In artist edits past, new pics displayed in Chromecast almost immediately upon update. I guess I did not allow enough time, although it stayed unchanged for 20 minutes. Or it could be gremlins. Or it could be those funny-tasting mushrooms I had this afternoon.

Close the book; sorry to waste time.

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