Chromecast (latest) not showing up without Google Home App help

Roon Core Machine

Latest Roon build on up to date Ubuntu Server 16GB RAM - As a VM with own hardwired NIC

Networking Gear & Setup Details

pfSense router - Edgeswitch - Core hardwired - Orbi wifi in AP mode

Connected Audio Devices

Chromecast for display - SONOS endpoints via Boost/Sonosnet

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

First of all, my system is rock solid and stable and has been for some time.

My issue is with adding a Chromecast to the mix as a display endpoint.

When it is connected it shows up on the network for other devices to cast to so it is clearly on the network (browsers etc).

However, the Chromecast ONLY shows up in Roon when I access the Chromecast via the Google Home app.

Process: Ensure Chromecast is unplugged from power - Open Roon control App and select Settings/AUDIO tab - this currently shows all attached endpoints - Then connect Chromecast to power - Nothing happens in Audio Tab - Chromecast not showing - then open Google Home app on iPhone - Immediately the Chromecast pops up in the Audio tab. Repeatable every time.

Once the Chromecast is showing in Roon, it stays there until it is powered off.

Has anyone else seen this? Can someone try this to make sure it isn’t just me?
Is it a limitation of Chromecast that it needs the Home App to awaken it somehow for Roon??
It would be awesome if it showed up automatically so I don’t have to go in to another app to make it work just for Roon.

What am I missing here?

My Chromecast audio devices are also absent from the roon Audio devices list. Would be nice to use them as roon end points. I use a Ubiquity network and a few vlans but roon ROCK and Chromecasts are on same VLAN so I can’t figure out what the issue is. Can cast to the units via Tidal on mobile.

I have Ubiquity set up using Unifi gear and mine work. I have had issues with them in the past not showing up in Roon and this always seemed to be around Roon updates. A reboot of all devices and network seemed to sort it. Since I moved all my Chromecasts to their own VLAN not had a single issue. I have not added any new Chromecast devices in about 2 years though I dont know if it would have issues with a new device.

Ensure you have mDNS active if its availble and IGMP snooping seems to help manage them better I find, bit on some devices it might not.

Do you have any other rules/ports setup in your firewall?

Are these all on the default vlan or are they all on a created, seperate vlan?

I do have a very similar issue :

  • RoonServer installed on a MacBook Pro
  • Google Chromecast Audio connected to Cambridge Audio AXR 100
  • I start Roon Remote on iOS - the Google Chromecast is not displayed
  • I switch to Tidal, & start casting to Chromcast.
  • I switch back to Roon now Chromecast is displayed.
  • I press play and Roon it’s starting to play. From this moment I can change albums & play normally.

Hi Sean_O
My network comprises of 3 VLANS with the chromecast units on the same VLAN as the roon ROCK and all physical devices. Other 2 VLANS are only used for wireless devices.

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