Chromecast not detected

<core: windows 10>

Chormecast is not detected anymore with Roon. It was there on first install.
But it is strange that chromcast is not there anymore.

I did remove Roon reinstalled it but still same problem. No chromecast

Yep…Altso here in Denmark…since yesterday…all SW is up to date…what’s going on?

Strange thing is going on: When I connect Shield (chromecast build in) to wifi chromecast is availlable. When I connect to utp cable (ethernet) it is not. Before it worked with ethernet.

I turned my ethernet to statiic (other ip adres) and than chromecast is working. So something was conflicting ip adres?

Hello @Tecko71 I’m glad things are working again! Let me know if the Chromecast has further issues.

Wifi and ethernet where both on. It was working because wifi was on. Looking further into it

Yes ethernet is working now the right way, with static ip.

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