Chromecast - Override missing ‘Hi-Res Flag’ to enable 24bit/96kHz streaming

As the title suggests, it would be great if we had the option under a device’s settings in Roon to disable the ‘Hi-Res’ flag option for streaming via Chromecast if that particular device does not have the ‘Hi-Res’ flag enabled due to poor implementation by the manufacturer despite the device being able to support 24bit/96kHz streaming.

what device are you having trouble with?

When I stream from Qobuz via my Roon core to my B&O Beosound 1 using chromecast it only streams up to 24bit/48kHz. However, when I stream directly from the Qobuz app on my iPad to the Beosound 1 via Chromecast it correctly streams up to 24bit/96kHz.

I’m told the reason for this is because B&O haven’t implemented Chromecast correctly on device and Roon will only stream up to 24bit/96kHz via Chromecast if a device sends a Hi-Res Flag as this is the correct implementation.

My request is to give us the option to disable the Hi-Res flag option for individual devices where manufacturers haven’t implemented chromecast correctly to allow us to stream up to chromecast’s maximum bit-rate.

Have you tried setting Roon DSP Engine to downsample those Hi-Res to 48kHz?

Sorry, I may have not explained it very well.

For example, if I try to play a 24bit/192kHz track via chromecast from Qobuz in Roon, the track gets downsampled to 24bit/48kHz despite chromecast being able to handle a maximum bit rate of 24bit/96kHz.

When I try and stream the same track directly from the Qobuz app on my iPad via chromecast, it correctly downsamples to 24bit/96kHz.

The way it’s been explained to me is that this occurs because Roon doesn’t receive a “Hi-Res Flag” from the Beosound 1 because B&O has not implemented chromecast correctly on their device and Roon will only downsample the track to 24bit/96kHz if it receives the this “Hi-Res Flag” otherwise Roon downsamples to 24bit/48kHz instead. I would just like an option the disable the “Hi-Res Flag” requirement for devices such as the Beosound 1 where chromecast has not been implemented correctly by the manufacturer in order to enable streaming to the device at chromecast’s maximum bitrate of 24bit/96kHz for tracks that are encoded above 24bit/48kHz.

I’ve adjusted the topic’s title, hope this helps.

Ah I see. You would like to force hi res on devices that don’t broadcast that capability.

Thanks for amending the title.

Yes, that’s right.