Chucked out the The Totem Speakers , Then Realised the Issues were in Other Places. U Turn Ahead!

Have also chucked out the crap Totem Sky Tower speakers and replaced them with some good old Bw Speakers. The Totem tended to sound very bright and forced on the end of my Bel Canto kit. Could not get on with them. Sounded ok at the end of the Exposure XXVRC integrated. But just ok. Gonna stick with the older stuff I think as cannot get on with some of this newer kit. But I guess that is another thread.

This could also be the title and topic of this thread. It’s more general. There are more 7”/1” speakers that sound like these: thin and lack of authority.
The designer of the new retro 3-way Wharfedale’s says the small baffle is to blame. He had big fights with the marketing department that didn’t allow him to design old school looking speakers with low WAF.
Narrow baffles produce less sound “sideways” than wide baffles. The combination 7” woofer and 1” tweeter gives more room sound around 3 kHz, giving more focus with voice.
When you like 70-s music without excessive bass the fuller sounding wide baffles are a good choice in general.

Yes it is hard work getting the Totems to Fill the room with sound if they are at around 6 feet apart and then they sound congested when you start to tighten the gap between the speakers. There is no happy medium

Not used the Sky, but, the issue you have described is alien to me as I have used and still use 3 different pair of Totem speakers. Mine are great sounding speakers with an fantastic holographic soundstage.

But, then again, you don’t have my amp, my room or my speakers. So, it is really hard to compare with so many differences.

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i am going to put an exposure pre-power in for a while to see what the speakers sound like. I will isolate the issue.

What amp do you use ??

Your speakers are 8 ohm speakers, I think, while my current speakers are 4 ohm. So power requirements might be different. Totems have been, in my experience, very dependent on more power. But, then, I don’t have experience with your speakers directly.

My main listening speakers (Tribe Towers) are power hungry and I settled on a Peachtree Nova 300. I tried various 150 watt amps and none brought them to life. In the audio store, they are normally paired with a McIntosh to demo.

The second speaker set (Arro) are being driven by a modest NAD 3020d in a smaller room. I have been thinking of upgrading, but, it is not pressing since it sounds good and is infrequently used and doesn’t need to play loud. They have a great holographic presentation. Fantastic for jazz and female vocals, chamber music.

There are a couple of audio sites out there where Totem/Amp pairings have been discussed. I just tried googling and the first hit I got was here: Totem Sky speakers amplifier that matches well with the SKY - Speakers • Canuck Audio Mart Hifi and Audio Forum

Totem Forest Signatures are seductive on their own, but the Gold Note IS-1000 Deluxe integrated casts a silky smooth spell over them. Combination sounds fantastic!

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Yes, they were on the to get list when I encountered the tribe towers that fit the room better. They are still in the running along with the Metal v2, for a much bigger room. And, the cherry cabinetry is just sexy, imho.

I have not heard the pairing. I think all speakers have better synergy with some amps vs others. Totem may be a bit picky.

Had the Exposure amps this afternoon with the Totem speakers and they are different animals. Seems to be a huge mismatch with the Bel Canto Gear. They sound beautiful with the Exposure. Very Organic with a great bass. I have an integrated XXV RC and Exposure XXI RC preamp with XVIII superpower amp. I know I need to sell something. 47 years of audio and stuff piling up. I prefer the integrated in some ways to the Pre Power. I like the slightly more lush sound and the pre-power is a little much which is expected with the power rating of the Totems. The Bel Canto power amp was completely overkill and gave the speakers a very mechanical sound. I don’t know what speakers Bel Canto suits but the power amp is now for sale. However I love the Bel Canto 2.7 DAC and it is currently feeding the Exposure in Fixed volume mode as a pure DAC. Very good and just gets out of the way. Any issues I thought I had with Roon were not down to Roon and my apologies to all concerned as it must have seemed confusing. Anyway onwards and upwards.

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Sounds like you have many hours of listening ahead! :smiley:

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Yes, now everything is sorted. On with some REM on mi turntable I think.

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