Circle don‘t stop the rotation

I See on the Display upstairs in the right corner A Rotation Circle which don‘t stop. What should i do to stop it?

I moved this to the support section of the forum.

When you click on the spinning circle, a window should pop-up with additional information. Does it show progress?
Also can you please provide information about your setup as requested in your other case and maybe a screenshot of the pop-up window?

If you just set Roon up, a spinning circle can indicate Roon is still doing audio analysis which depending on your core, your music and your setup can take a long time.

Uf you are not experiencing any listening issues, then just let it finish. If you are, you can turn off analysis in settings library. Turn it back on when you are done listening, so it can finish.


now there is a week ago and the Circle in the right side upstairs is spinning. Please could someone Tell me how i stop it?
Thanks a lot

Hi Joachim

Have you actually clicled on the soinning wheel?
When Roon is restarted (e.g. after upfrade) it want s to show you the main functions in the Roon Gui by showing a spinning wheel. Once you click on it, it will move to the next function, and so on, I did not count but I believe it is about 5 times).

So can you click on it, and take a printscreen?


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