Cirrus7-ROCK turned off this night :|

Cirrus7 (NUC8i7BEH)
ROCK 1.0 build 175
Roon Core 1.6 build 416

can @support please enable diagnostics, have a look and (possibly) tell me why?

thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @pl_svn,

Can you give a little more info about what occurred here?

Did the ROCK device shut off in the middle of playback? What were you doing in Roon at the time that it occurred?

Was it able to start back up after?

hi dylan

nope: I stopped playback yesterday evening at about 7.30PM and I just found it OFF this morning
during the night it was totally idle (except for a scheduled backup to a NAS at 1AM, which did complete as per NAS’ logs)

and… yes: it went ON again this morning when I pushed its power button

might be something related to the 12v/5A (but up to 10A instantaneous) UpTone Audio JS-2 LPS I’m using: maybe ROCK started some processor intensive task that was drawing too much current? (I added a few albums to my library yesterday afternoon)

This is important so I say this again. For those who are seeking a LPS for NUC, a 19V model has to be used. At 12V there is no margin for voltage drop, which can happen with LPS. (This does not apply to non-NUC mini PC which may have totally different voltage requirements.)

What you described is one of the symptoms I expected for misusing a 12V LPS for a 19V NUC, sooner or later when heavy processing is done.

To make things worse the LPS you’re using is not supplying enough power to the measured 78W consumption (google). (TDP cannot be used to determine actual power you need.)

You have to seek a power supply that can supply no less than 5A at 19V. Check the LPS thread to see what 19V LPS people are using.

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I’ll do, Peter, thanks :slight_smile:

though, afaik, NUCs (this one too) are rated for PSs in the 12-19v range and the LPS I’m using, despite being conservatively rated for a 5A (constant and guaranteed) load, can sustain, in reality, up to 6-7A with no issue and can peak at 10A

a NUC8i7BEH (what’s inside my Cirrus7) does definitely accept 12v:

it’s NUC8i7HNK that only runs on 19v:

so I “probably” just need a 7A/12v LPS (looks my 2014 UpTone Audio JS-2 maxes out at 5A whilst newest ones do actually reach 7.4A)

… still would like to understand why my Cirrus7 shut off last night whilst at idle, since it never did before: nor during initial setup (library full re-scan) nor during playback of even DSD-256 files with DSP conversion to PCM 352.8 :no_mouth:


No. LPS can drop voltage, which is exceedingly common. A slight drop from 12V is already too low. A forum group test showed a better 12V LPS only managed 11.426V while the worst LPS dropped 34%.

Unless support says ROCK has some sort of auto shutdown, you have a hardware issue or unstable power.


ok: let’s wait and see if something comes out from diagnostics :wink:

thank you Peter :slight_smile:

Hi @pl_svn,

I spoke with the team about this. They weren’t able to see anything in the diagnostics report for Roon that show any issues on the Roon side of things. The team believes that Peter is on the right track here:

It’s possible that what was described above played into the NUC powering off. Outside of that, the diagnostics didn’t show any issues occurring on the Roon side of things.

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ok, so…

while looking for a really good 19v LPS (… Paul Hynes has not even just replied to my inquiry yet: guess this will take veeeery long :sweat: ) I’m still powering my Cirrus7 from the UpTone JS-2 and keeping an eye on it. so far no issues. fingers crossed

thank you so much @dylan (and team) :slight_smile:

update: all has been working fine since :slight_smile:

though… just ordered a cheapo 19v/5A LPS (Paul Hynes has not even replied yet :laughing: ) thinking that, in the end, a truly great LPS might not be critical for my Cirrus7

will let you know once it is here
but can confirm that, apart that one glitch, a 12v/5A UpTone Audio JS-2 powers just fine this NUC8i7BEH/Cirrus7

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