Classical Composer as Artist and CD numbering

I have an extensive collection of classical albums and what has worked for me is to edit the metadata once ripped or downloaded. Sort them using the Artist tag and go into Edit Album. The album title can stay as it is so scroll down to Artist and just type in the composer in front of the other artists listed. You will always then find your albums alphabetically by composer.

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Hey @Graham_Griggs,

Thanks for keeping this thread alive and for sharing your approach to classical music in Roon. Is this in Roon 1.8?

I’m glad it’s working for you :musical_score:

Hi, Rebeka, Yes absolutely no problems with the Roon 1.8 upgrade. All my ripped CDs and downloads are exactly where I would expect to find them (with the composer edited in front of Artist so that the albums sit alphabetically as they would on a shelf). One query, sometimes when ripping a two disc album set, the CDs are the wrong way round - irritating in an opera where Act II is in front of Act I! Even going into Album Edit, I cannot find a way of swapping them round without messing up the track sequence.

Some people like adding Composer to Artist. Others prefer Artist to be restricted to Performers. Roon ought to accomodate both and the Composer/Performer separation is continuing to get attention by Roon.

In Edit Album you should just be able to change the Disk Numbers to fix misnumbered CDs. You might need to use a working number to avoid error messages, as follows for a 2 CD example

Change Disk 1 to 3
Change Disk 2 to 1
Change Disk 3 to 2.

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