Classical Tag Missing?

Recently I went through the trouble of adding ROONTRACKTAG to all my local library files/tracks to label all my tracks with a genre (a workaround to play by genre at track level). I just noticed that my Classical tag is not displaying under Tags

As you can see from this example, the ROONTRACKTAG is showing under each track.

My other tags are showing normally. Why is Classical missing?

PS - Christmas is missing as well.

Just a guess, but if you click the My Tags drop down at the top left of the screen, do you have Shared Tags selected?

Cheers, Greg

Yes, I verified shared tags is selected.

More info…if I click under the track where it says “Tag Classical”, I get this message (same thIng happens with Tag Christmas)

If I go to the hamburger menu and select Genres, the “missing” genres are there with the appropriate albums inside

I’m stumped!

Do you know if it worked in the past? Maybe try a reboot of your Roon Core.

I’ll flag @support for you. They probably would want to investigate.

Cheers, Greg

It’s been recently that I added ROONTRACKTAG , So I’m not absolutely positive if those tags have been missing since then or not.

Now something stranger is happening (related?). I just went in and edited the Composer metadata using mp3Tag on a CD I ripped earlier this evening. Now, all my my albums with the ROONTRACKTAG “Classical” show the Classical tag twice under each track. I absolutely know it wasn’t displaying this way before I edited the one CD this evening.

Rebooting twice did not help.


I don’t know if this is somehow related to the odd behavior, but I figured I’d report as much info as I can in hopes it might help.

I just noticed that the ROONTRACKTAG under each Christmas track has the first letter in lower case (christmas). When I look at the tag in mp3Tag, the first letter is in upper case (Christmas) as expected since I entered it with an upper case “C”.

All the other ROONTRACKTAGs, including Classical, appear with the first letter in uppercase as they should.

There’s definitely some weirdness going on with the ROONTRACKTAG.

PS - I tried a rescan of the Watched folder, but that didn’t help.

A side question, are you tagging all the tracks in the Mannheim Steamroller album with Christmas? And all the tracks in the Bach by Avi Avital with Classical?

Yes, that’s correct.

I also have other albums where the tracks are not tagged all the same.

I"m not sure what the purpose of tagging individual tracks all the same “Christmas” vs just tagging the album “Christmas”.

As an aside, you can have tracks, albums, artists all tagged with the same tag. (Maybe not via meta data tags, but, in Roon, I can created a tag called Multi_Test and applied it to a track, or an artist, or an album, or even a composition and they will all be called up via that TAG. Like this.

As you can see, there is an Album, Track, ARtist, Composer, Composition, Genre and Album again all in one Tag. I can pull that tag up and click Shuffle, for example, and it will shuffle all those items together.

As stated in my original post, my purpose is to create an easy way to be able to play by Genre at the track level since Roon only offers Genre play at the Album level, in which case many tracks outside the selected Genre play because they reside on an album that also has the selected Genre. Genre play at album level is useless to me.

Some time back someone shared they use the Composer tag (copy the genre to the Composer tag), then do a track level focus on the new “composer” and create a bookmark. It took a little work, but the process was pretty smooth and it worked well.

Fast forward to recently. In another thread it was pointed out that with 1.7 Roon added ROONTRACKTAG that could be used to accomplish genre play at track level. I decided to try it, but I had some difficulty adding the new tag in mp3Tag properly so Roon would read it as it should. After a bit of work and aggravation, I got the new tag added and it seemed to work as desired, except now the Classical and Christmas tags are MIA!

You mention adding another tag. In another recent thread I trying to add a PERSONNEL tag to get Roon to display Performed By under each track. I was unable to add this tag successfully and get it to work after alot of work and aggravation, so I gave up on it. I am not very computer savvy, though I can follow explicit step by step instructions (pics help!). As such, I have NO desire to try to add yet another tag. While the steps of adding a tag in Roon is easy enough, it would be quite a project to go through every album individually to see which albums only contain tracks from a single genre then tag that album as such. As I mentioned in another thread, lately I feel like I’m in Tag hell.

It seems obvious that something is amiss with ROONTRACKTAG. If it’s not going to work properly, then I’ll just ditch it and go back to my old genre track level playback workaround using the Composer tag.

Hi @Saturn94,

Starting out, can you share one of the albums that has the Classical tag on its tracks with us? We’d like to try importing the files in our QA labs so we can see if we see the same behavior on our end. You can share the file by zipping them and sending me a shared Dropbox link in a PM.


Thanks Dylan. :slight_smile: I don’t have a Dropbox account. I know in the past you had me use another method to get music files to you. I can do that again if you like (just PM me the instructions again).

@Saturn94 PM sent!

One of the things I found is that it seems to help things, is to not use tag names that are identical to existing genres. So, Classical_S, Jazz_S, where the “_S” denotes Tags I’ve added; you could use whatever.

And, my question above was to see if I can save you time. If all tracks on an album are tagged the same, in the end, you could just tag the album and not the tracks and achieve the same results. A tag can be used for both albums and tracks. So, I’m not sure what you are gaining by tagging each track on an entire album vs just tagging the album.

Example, if I tag album A “TEST1” and 3 tracks from album B as “Test1”, if I then go to Tags, hit Track View, it will list ALL the tracks from the tagged ALBUMS as well as the individually tagged tracks.

Thank you for that clarification. I appreciate your suggestions. It’s definitely something to consider. It would still involve alot of tagging one album at a time in Roon, though.

Considering that my old work around to play by genre at track level by using the Composer tag is working well (at least for my local collection), and all the aggravation I’ve been having trying set up a different way of accomplishing the same thing, I’m not very motivated to take on another tagging project.

Roon requested a file (I sent it today) to see if they can tell what’s going on with my missing Classical and Christmas tags. I think I’ll wait to see if Roon comes up with a solution before I try anything else.

It’s still weird that all my tags using ROONTRACKTAG are working and displaying properly (including ones with a tag the same name as Roon genres) except for Christmas and Classical.

Here’s hoping it’s an easy fix.

You can highlight any number of albums in Roon and apply a Tag to all of them at the same time.

That’s good to know. Any trick/shortcut for determining which albums have the same tracktag for all tracks?

Not off the top of my head. I will think on it. :smiley:

Thanks. No rush, my brain needs a break anyway. It’s time to just enjoy some music! :grinning:

Any updates?

Thanks. :slight_smile: