Click on 'Jump to Now playing' crashes Roon

I have Roon desktop app on Win11.

After Roon is running for some time (few hours), in the queue, if I press on ‘Jump to Now playing’, it will:

  1. scroll somewhere where are no items visible (normally impossible)
  2. continue scrolling back and forth
  3. after about a second or two doing what is described above, Roon will crash

I believe this started happening with build 898.

Hi @gmit2,

We’ve seen Windows updates cause issues with graphics drivers which results in this behavior. What is the GPU for your device?

Windows’ automatic driver updates can sometimes be a bit unreliable, and we’ve seen direct downloads from the manufacturer help in cases where Windows installations did not, so it’s worth a try if you haven’t gone that route.

Please follow these steps:

  • quit Roon
  • reboot the Windows machine
    • Turn off your Roon Core
    • Unplug your Core for a few minutes
    • Plug the Core back in
    • Turn on the Core
  • uninstall your graphics drivers
  • navigate to the manufacturer’s website for your Graphics Card (for example, a popular one is NVIDIA) and download the graphics drivers directly from there
  • install the graphics drivers
  • relaunch Roon and check your audio devices page.

Please let me know if this helps. Thanks!

I have RX480 and I frequently update AMD drivers (not through Windows update). After this started happening, I’ve updated them at least a few times and there was no difference - and it still happens.

Note that Roon is currently the only application I have problems with (I presume others would fail in some way if it was a drivers issue).

I’m programmer myself and, to me, the issue looks like either items height data somehow get corrupted internally or you are doing a search over sorted list that is not sorted. :slight_smile: I haven’t spotted which user-side action might trigger that, but it is curious why this happens after some time, never immediately after starting.

I’ve also noticed that, after Roon is running for some time, at some points the search popup takes few seconds to appear after clicked on the icon. Normally it appears immediately. Might be the same problem (but it doesn’t manage to crash Roon).

This seems to be fixed with the latest build…

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