Clicking sound between tracks dBpoweramp ripping method or possibly HQP?

I ripped several CD’s using dBp. I chose to have the files ripped at DSD128.

When I play them back, I get a click sound between tracks. My FLAC files seem okay.

However, I get this sometimes using HQP as well on ordinary FLAC files. As well as it suddenly stopping for no apparent reason.

I own the dBpoweramp program.

I was wondering if there is an ideal ripping setting? Also, should I upsample to 24bit? 48k for the 2x thing on Roon/HQP?

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I’d rip them to their original format and then use Roon or HQP to convert them to DSD on the fly.


I always rip to the original source. And then use HQPlayer to upsample.

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Do I assume correctly that this means you prefer HQP for this than Roon?

The clicking between tracks seems to be an HQP problem. It is mentioned in the manual. Cannot recall why now.

Nope. It all depends on what I’m listening to and how much effort I want to expend in the listening session. The issue with ripping at a different rate is that you are locking in the filters and issues with that particular program’s upsampling engine. And once locked in, you can’t undo it. If you just rip bit perfect then you have a known base source and can use an upsampling engine, Roon or HQP, to do what you want. What you want can change over time :wink:

IF I were to really want to rip and then encode my music prior to playback, then I’d look at HQP Pro. Rip bit perfect wav or flac, then encode (upsample) via HQP Pro. I did a trial and took a CD rip and upsampled to DSD 256 with the desired filters etc. Sounded great. However, pricey as it is meant for production studios/labels more so than end consumers.

However, lets say I get hardware which does DSD1024. I think I’m better off going back to the original CD rip and upsampling to DSD 1024, than to try to upsample a previously upsampled material.