Client crashes repeatedly

I have a difficult problem. My composer page seems to have a setting that regularly crashes the client. Reinstalling the client does not help. As soon as I go to the composers page the client crashes again.

What can be done. Actually, only the preferences for this client for this page must be able to be deleted.

@Axel_Schmitz-Tewes, I have moved your post to the #support category.

It’d be really helpful if you could complete the following template. In addition, please provide a screenshot of the composer’s page that causes the problem.

Roon Core Machine

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Networking Gear & Setup Details

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Connected Audio Devices

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Number of Tracks in Library

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I will give the answers as good as I know

  1. Roon Core = 1.8 (build 1105)
  2. Roon Core Machine Apple Macbook pro I7 16 GB RAM 1 TB SSD (not used für music this is on a NAS)
  3. Connected Audio Devices are different Normaly I use a CA DACmagic via USB
    4 Number of Tracks > 190000
    4 On the composers Editor I used a filter at the moment “Mack” and all composer (inclusive not classical) This setting let the client be in state of rotating ball (only the music continues to play, but can no longer be controlled. The rotating ball prevents further action on the client.) So in any sense the client hangs up.

The main problem is that I can not change the settings on the composers editor. So when I use the editor, the problem repeats itself.

Do I have to give more information or is this enough for further investigations?

A screenshot would be helpful. Thanks.


and Composer’s Editor with crash :slight_smile:

This is something @support will need to take a look at, as I note that you have a large library—190,000 tracks—stored on a NAS.

Please confirm make and model of the NAS, and also how this and the MacBook (core) are connected to your network. Thanks.

if I deactivate qobuz and tidal accounts on the NAS there remain about 130000 Tracks.

It is a synology NAS with 2 mirrored 8 TB disks. The problem is definitiv the special selection of the filter in the editor. With other filter settings, roon has worked without crashing. The roon kernel continues to work without problems. I can continue to work with other clients (e.g. on an iPad). Only the client on my MacBook has the problem …

The connection between the roon core and the NAS is direct. Both systems are in the same HUB

Are these Ethernet connections? And, please provide model number for the NAS.

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Yes, Ethernet.

Synology DS 218+ Intel Celeron , 2 Ghz, 2 GB RAM

Do you have enough information now?

Hi @Axel_Schmitz-Tewes,

One thing off-topic, you need to update your iPad to 2.0. I enabled diagnostics to look at potential sources of your issue and errors surrounding the iPad were a constant theme in the logging.

I also see some corrupt file errors. I’m still scrolling through logs and see issues with the tracks for Korn - Follow the Leader (I just saw them and Evanescence. What a killer show!).

In general, the logging is so full that I can’t see logging relevant to when you reported the issue. Can you please duplicate it and let me know so I can check again? Please provide a screenshot and the date/time when you duplicate.

If able, can you get into Settings>Setup> and clear your image cache there? Please report any changes. I will be monitoring to assist you further.


Hello Wes,

I have already updated an iPAd to 2.0 with the result that it no longer works with 1.8 core. Unfortunately, I have a problem with the 2.0 core because of the continuous internet availability, which is not always available for me. It can sometimes be unavailable for half an hour or an hour without me wanting to give up my music :wink: That is not least the purpose of my collection.

Now I don’t really know what I should do so that you can find your way around the logging.


If you are going to stay on 1.8 Legacy because of your internet situation, please use this guide to get your core and all remotes on this version. All instructions are in the article.


In the meantime, I was able to solve the problem myself. I disabled Qobuz and Tidal and came up with about 6000 composers and 130,000 tracks.
After that the page loaded again. Then I changed the query and waited until the server also noticed that (this takes a while).
After that I activated the streaming services again. If you do it too early, the system switches back to the old page with the search pattern which leads to a crash …

Best regards,

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Sorry it must be 4500 composers in the above text

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