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Is there a way to install Roon Client on an Amazon Fire TV Stick?


Sadly theris no app for Android TV or Fire stick

ah i see ;-(
so basically is there some way to stream it somehow to tv?

i also have vero4k device

There is a way to install it by sideloading but it doesn’t help because it doesn’t work without touch.

You can mirror a tablet screen to the TV with a cheap second hand Chromecast dongle. This gives you the full UI (to see, not to access)

You can also use a Chromecast or a web browser as a display for the now playing screen.

Lots of threads with other solutions if you search the forum for “display TV” or similar

You can stream to Chromecast on Android TV but there is no interface.
You cannot really use it on a FireTV even if you can technically install it

and what about vero4k … thats linux

i need / wanted to be able to control it.


Are you running your Roon Core on that?
Or is it another TV stick?

There is no official Roon Client for Linux, only the server component.

If you want Artwork rather than control you can try RooExtend as that can put artwork on the screen (runs on a Pi), but it’s not a control Device and that is better left to Tablet’s, phones and laptops at this time

or maybe device as

not sure if there are better devices for that with keyb

Not sure about that. If you want a display any laptop that runs Roon Client will work but it’s not something I actually use.
Good luck with your search though

You can Airplay to Fire Stick, I use AirReceiver. Shows up as Apple TV in Roon works great. Then I use silk browser for Roon display.

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That is a good recommendation. It also implements a Chromecast receiver, which seems to work better with Roon than the AirPlay receiver implementation does.

All told, this is interesting because recent Fire TV models, such as Fire TV Stick 4K Max, have multichannel Alexa Cast sender functionality, thereby providing an Alexa Cast bridge between Roon and Echo devices. I just confirmed that this works properly even with an Echo Studio stereo pair.


Learned something new today thanks :+1:t2:
I didn’t realise that Amazon had added that feature.

They didn’t, it’s a third-party app

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Ah I wondered why I had never seen it, thanks for the clarification

I was able to sideload the Roon android app onto a Fire TV stick, but it will not run. Trying to run the app it tries to open and just closes. Not sure of the cause, perhaps the Android version is too old, Amazon is notorious for using old Android versions on their Fire devices.

I just recently managed to sideload the Roon android app onto an Echo Show 15 after the recent Fire TV update they release for it. This has transformed it for me in the the kitchen … a lovely 15 inch mounted display for running roon … with music outputted to a Google Home Max speaker (chromecast endpoint)

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hi, could you elaborate on this? I dont get it, what airreceiver? silk browser for roon display -whats that?

does roon supports chromecast endpoints?

Yes, Chromecast is well supported. And you can use the Google Assistant voice commands for “pause”, “resume”, “stop”, “louder”, “quieter”, “next”, “previous”.

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no idea why amazon devices are not supported… now seems that i have to replace 10 amazon devices with google… makes not sense …