Clock master default?

I use an imac core with optical into a hugo m scaler then into a hugo2. I understand clock master settings are only for more than one zone? In my simple setup is clock master priority default the correct setting? Could you also explain the function of this setting when default is selected ? thanks mk. So if you only use 1 zone as in my case what is the correct setting for the clock master priority? An explanation would be great.

Hey there, @musickid!

From our Knowledge Base:

Since MQA authorization by an MQA device requires MQA signaling information to complete the decoding and rendering processes, in certain cases grouped zone playback may interfere with MQA devices’ abilities to authenticate and decode the stream.

If you’d like your MQA device to be able to authenticate and decode an MQA stream while playing in a grouped zone, you should set its “Clock Master Priority” setting to the highest in the group.

When you’re only using one zone you can leave this at the default setting, no changes are required.


Hello Dylan and thanks for the reply. Could i just check the following points. As i stated i have a simple set up using tidal with roon and my set up is imac roon core by optical to chord hugo mscaler to hugo 2.

In order to be fully assured that my hifi chain is working as it should i need to be 100% sure that my imac core(which is my only zone) and hugo mscaler/hugo2 are completely unaffected by the clock master priority settings. As you said leave clock master priority setting as default.

  1. with just one zone and clock master priority set to default can i be 100% certain that roon’s clock master setting is not affecting my imac’s operation in any way whatsoever?

  2. If i did set the clock master priority to the highest setting would it make any difference anyway as there no other zones? many thanks mk

Hey @musickid,

Correct. This setting only effects grouped zone playback. Regardless of the setting used here (default or highest) there will be no difference unless grouped with another zone.


Many thanks Dylan. mk

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