Closed back headphones

I’ve been using AKG K702 open back headphones on my desktop rig but recently purchased a second hand Chord Mojo for on-the-go listening, and I’m looking for recommendations for what to use with it. High quality closed back headphones? Or maybe IEMs? What I love about the AKGs is the detail. What I don’t love about them is the lack of “weight” or drive or dynamics. Not bass per se but a sense of musicality/rhythm.

Anyway recommendations welcome for what to use with the Mojo. Budget under $1500 USD.

You could add the Beyerdynamic T5p to your list. I use the 2nd gen. with my Mojo.

I have 2 closed back headphones that are nice. Meze 99 Classics for around $320.

Sounds good, but there is a slight boost to the bass.

I also have the Beyerdynamic DT177X GO from

These are wonderful for around $500. Great bass, nice open treble and sweet mid-range. Also have a pretty decent soundstage for closed back.

Other options under $1000 would include Dan Clark Audio Aeon Closed, a couple of the Focal offerings are also closed. I have not heard these, but they have great reviews.

If you head to they have recommendations and will allow you up to a year to try them out.


If you are willing in to spend 1.500€ I would recommend the Denon AH-9200. I own them since 2 years and heard never head a better closed back can.

I know this is always a personal judgment, but for me this is the best :grinning:


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What about the AKG K371?

They got a good review on ASR. They seem to have plenty of bass.

The Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 closed is what I use at my desk and would pair well with the Mojo. They also have a new version called the Aeon 2 Noire that is supposed to match the Harmon curve.


I would say that all the recommendations so far have been very good.

The Beyerdynamic T5p is excellent, however the Beyerdynamic DT177X GO (or the Beyerdynamic DT1770) are also very good and will save you a little money over the T5p.

And you can’t go wrong with the Dan Clark Audio closed back headphones.

If you want something portable that is easy to drive and will work wel with the Mojo I would recommend some IEMs. Moondrop Blessing 2 for about 300,- are a solid choice.

With full size headphones I would go with dynamic drivers as well so the Mojo can drive them to their full potential. If you really want to spend 1500,- on some cans do your self a favor and listen to them in a store… bring your Mojo and your phone if you can.

Personally I would go with some IEMs like the Moondrop Blessing 2 or Moondrop Kato.

I’ve had a Mojo a few years and tried a few different pairings with it. If you want portable IEMs win hands down in my experience/opinion. Size really matters if you want something that can go anywhere. As a bonus you’d get a decent pair of IEMs, custom fit tips and change from that budget.

The Mojo is a powerful little thing. I occasionally use it with my Audeze LCD 2C and it has no issues driving them.