Closed loop - sign in > already signed in click go back > sign in

Roon was unresponsive > I restarted app > restarted Nucleus > got upgrade message > ran upgrade > booted Roon > got Login screen > get “You’re already signed in. Your subscription allows 1 core at a time, but it looks like you’ve already set up another Core. To connect to the Core you previously set up, just click Go Back above > click Go Back > returns to Roon Login or Sign Up page. Closed loop.

Click on the unauthorise button, and then you will ok to sign in once more.

Thanks. By deauthorizing I was taken directly to the dashboard without having to sign in. The alert ! at the top of the dash says I have to update to take advantage of improved metadata handling. I believe the update is downloaded but I can’t find the install actionable. Where do I look?

Typically that message persists when Roon can’t reach their backend services … I’d suggest a full reboot of your network gear and the Roon core.

If that does not work, I’m out of suggestions and Roon’s @support will have to looked deeper.

Thanks Carl. Will do.

For future reference. Before I rebooted core/network gear I was my three remote clients (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) could only log in one at a time. Signing into and 2nd shut down the 1st, etc. and they were all out of sync. After reboot they can all log in and are in sync. And, the ! alert is gone.

Thanks again.

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