Cocktail Audio x14 not detected

Cocktail Audio X14 is Roon Ready but is not detected by Roon.
It is connected on same router as my windows/Roon server.
My Devialet amps and my Dac Lumin are connected on the same router and are detected by Roon.

Any idea :bulb: what I’ve been missing ? Thanks

Some Roon Ready Devices actually need to have it turned on in their setup. Might try taking a look.

There’s no option to turn on for Roon in the x14 setup. Already checked…

If the core is a PC, try turning off all firewalls as a test and see if it appears

While this info might be old or not updated it appears the X14 is maybe not Roon Ready


Thank you everyone for your help. But CocktailAudio sent me the manual to activate with Roon.
Go to Roon menu setup->Audio->Activate Cocktail Audio X14
Because it is not recognized as a certified Roon it’s not displayed by default like my Devialet or Lumin.
X14 works perfectly with Roon. Very good value for money. It kicks the bluesound vault ass.Lol.

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Where do you go for:
“Roon menu setup” then

Audio->Activate Cocktail Audio X14
I would like to try this.
is “Roon menu setup” someplace on the x14 or someplace on the Room interface.

(also my x14 has been crashing since the 1454 upgrade - have you had this experience?)