Collection re-scanning frequently

I am new to Roon. It looks to be the coolest thing around. However it frequently seems to need to re-index my collection. Inevitably it happens while I am using it causing the current album playing to stop and a message on the computer saying "Album deleted’. My collection rapidly moves from 900+ albums to 0 in a matter of minutes.

Roon core runs on OS X El Capitan. My music resides on Synology NAS running DSM 5.2.-5644. SMB 3 is setup on the NAS. The music drive is auto mounted in El Capitan.

I noticed that if I rip CDs exporting them directly to the NAS that this triggers the re-index. However I’d also say that the re-index is randomly triggered as well.


Hey @John_Carbajal – I’m wondering if things might be better using Roon’s network folder setup. We have a couple of bug fixes coming for network storage generally, so if you’d prefer to wait for 1.2 to go live that’s fine, too.

If you do want to give it a shot, I would remove the mounted folder from Roon’s Storage settings, then re-add it as a network folder, using your NAS drive’s hostname, login, and password. Whether this fixes the current issue or not, I think that configuration should resolve things once our 1.2 release goes live with the aforementioned bug fixes.

Either way, let me know how it’s going and we’ll figure this out. Sorry for the trouble!

I use RoonServer on a MacMini. My Roon folder is on a NAS and is mapped as a network folder in Roon.

I do find that if I actually mount the NAS folder on the Roon Core machine then unmount it that sometimes my album count can reduce significantly.

Sounds just like the issue I’m having. It’s worked fantastic until recently when a re-scan of the NAS dropped about half of my collection, all of which had previously been imported and scanning into Roon…my collection is moving in the wrong direction!

If this is happening then do not clean up the missing files. A reboot of RoonServer usually does the trick for me. Hopefully this sort of behaviour will be a thing of the past with Roon 1.2.

Thank you. I actually started by using the network folder approach. Due to the frequent re-indexing I decided to try and switch to network mounted. They appear to suffer the same.

I’ll wait for 1.2 and hope that solves the issue.