Command S to Command E: not possible!?

Is it just me or it is not possible, by using the keyboard shortcuts, to go from “Command S” screen (“show screensaver”) to “Command E” screen (“show now playing / queue”)? Going from the screensaver to the now playing / queue is of course useless to know what is actually playing, but it would be useful to know what is coming in the queue.

The reverse (command E to command S) seems to be always possible.

I can reproduce this, sounds like bug, I’ll leave a tag for @support.

Can I mention here that usurping both of these standard macOS key commands is awkward? Cmd-S and Cmd-E have very well defined meanings on macOS, and changing them just for Roon makes it feel out of place.

[quote=“Mike_Pinkerton, post:3, topic:15694”]
Cmd-S and Cmd-E have very well defined meanings on macOS
[/quote]What are those? (I’m not a Mac user and Google’s not helping me today.)

cmd-S is save in many places, which is not relevant for Roon. The only cmd-E i found was for Finder, to eject the current selected disk/volume. I’m not sure what @Mike_Pinkerton is thinking for cmd-E.

Cmd-E is “Use Selection for Find”. See any app that allows text editing or web browsing.

Relevance to Roon isn’t the important part, it’s that both are widely used and standardized by Apple (if not universal in the case of Cmd-S, which goes back to 1984) throughout the OS.