Communication with Digital Ocean

Is technically justified that “RoonAppliance” is talking nonstop to “DigitalOcean” (
I am concerned about the possibility of using roon by malicious soft.

We use DigitalOcean as well as AWS as our cloud services provider.

I know that - but is it really necessary to “talk” really nonstop, even when only Core is running and all other roon related instances are off (power OFF) and of course nothing is played?
It’s disturbing.

There is cloud syncing of profile data, metadata analysis and updates, our radio algorithms run in the cloud, and much more. Half of Roon is out there…

The first thing we need to do is determine if this is normal or anomalous behavior (a bug).

As for non-stop, I’m not sure how you evaluated that. Can you define non-stop in terms of data rates and time? and how you came to that conclusion? It shouldn’t be non-stop for prolonged periods of time. How big is your library, and how long have you been using Roon for? How often do you use Roon?

Thank you.